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A Whole Lotta Books!

whole lotta books! Just for fun, here are all the books from the last week that I'm adding to my Books Read list below: The Worlds of J. R. R. Tolkien: The Places That Inspired Middle-Earth by John Garth White Nights by Dostoyevsky (reread) Notes From Underground by Dostoyevsky (reread) The Silmarillion: A Brief Account of the Book and Its Making by Christopher Tolkien (essay) Hercule Poirot: The Complete Short Stories by Agatha Christie (reread) Dreyer's English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style by Benjamin Dreyer (the UK edition) Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective by Donald J Sobol (reread) Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret Pitch by Donald J Sobol (reread) Captain Scott's Biscuit by Thomas Keneally (essay about Antartica) The Lovecraft Circle and the Inklings: The “Mythopoeic Gift” of H. P. Lovecraft by Dale Nelson (essay) Muted: A short story in verse by Jessica Bell (poem, natch) I also read The Luminaries

ROW80, Knitting, and Artefacts

iscellaneous! emembering Binyavanga Wainaina . Round of Words in 80 Days : Still a few weeks to go in Round 2. My main goal was to keep going on research for Captive of the Sea . This is...not happening. I wrote more of the epilogue as part of the May writing exercise on thelitforum . Otherwise, I've been working on assignments for school, and knitting some more! nitting! I had a few moments to tidy up my bookshelf of pattern books and printed patterns, and found a couple of good things. Testing a hat... I didn't quite get the resizing right, so it became another baby hat! Pumpkin! Wristies! Who's got a problem? The first blanket I ever knit! I made so many of these back in the day . it's a really soothing pattern to work on. The scarf pattern I got when I once purchased wool at a church fair! My knitting blog is named after this pattern ! Have you found a memento or other interesting photograph or artefact lately?

500-Word Short Story!

ive hundred word short story! Last month's writing exercise on thelitforum was to write a story! "For this challenge, the goal is to compose a complete short story (500 words or less) over the course of 5 weeks... Each week, you’ll be given six, randomly-generated prompt words, five of which are to be incorporated into that week’s submission of your story... For each week’s submission, you can only add a maximum of 100 words, which includes the prompt words. The story structure of what to generate with the prompt words each week is as follows: Week 1: Intro of setting/characters/inciting incident Week 2: Act I – Rising action, development of conflict Week 3: Act II – Twists and Reversals Week 4: Act III – Climax and resolution Week 5: Denouement As you can see, this challenge incorporates tight word-count editing and storytelling, as well as flexibility (might be forced to think outside of the box to incorporate the prompts)." Here are the prompts we had to

IWSG Day, Summer Fire, and All Hodge Podge Posts

t's Insecure Writer's Support Group Day! Interesting question for this month: Writers have secrets! What are one or two of yours, something readers would never know from your work? I've got two to share! The two main characters from Out of the Water , which takes place in the 15th century, were named after my grandparents. I masked the names when I gave the book to my mother to read! Here's one about Summer Fire , which is available now through Carina Press and on Amazon !: "You know how it is with Canadians. We come alive in the summer." Ayse had resigned herself to an interesting—but in the end unromantic—trip visiting family in Istanbul. Great-aunts, touristy sites and endless meals…until she meets fellow doctor Hakan. All tanned skin and defined muscle under his polo shirt, his kisses cut off her breath, making her dizzy. His every touch is a thrill. Ayse wants all of Hakan at once. His sweet mouth, the heat of his body against hers, their hear