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Oxford! Part II Tolkien

olkien in Oxford! I had no idea when writing my A to Z Blogging Challenge on the Inklings posts that we would take a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip to Oxford the month after the challenge! Here's a belated A to Z linked post, then, sharing all the main Tolkien-related photos from our trip. The Lamb and Flag, across from the Bird and Baby -- er, the Eagle and Child, two pubs at which the Inklings used to meet. I've had drinks at the Eagle and Child before, and we didn't have time to go in this time around... The Botanical Gardens. I wanted to see Tolkien's Tree , a black pine, but apparently it was felled a few years ago! All that remains are these celebratory illustrations. Very sad. Magdalen College, where the Inklings met in C S Lewis' rooms on Thursday nights: Starting point of Addison's Walk, frequented by Lewis, Tolkien, and Dyson The view of the grounds to the north, which is the direction Lewis&#

Oxford! Part I and Knitting

wo posts for all our Oxford photos, of a weekend away last month. I've saved all the Tolkien-related stuff for next week. Although, of course, most things in Oxford are Tolkien-related, by definition... Also got some knitting photos for my ongoing Knitting in the Wild series... I'm a few rows away from completing a blanket for a cousin's baby -- it's nice to finish off an ROW80 round with at least one goal completed, even if it's not writing related! Outside Christ Church college Knitting shop! Really yummy homemade ice cream An ox for Oxford, outside the train station St Giles Church neighbourhood. Apparently there's a labyrinth on the grounds -- I'd like to explore it some day! I hadn't realised Oxford boasted coffee shops from the 17th century! Blackwell's Bookshop -- I shared an anecdote that took place in this shop, during my A to Z on the Inklings Radcliffe Camera Bo