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End of the AMA and A Visit to Prangins Museum

isit to a museum! A few photos of a visit to the museum at Prangins , an old family manor, from many months ago: The old school room! I want this typewriter And this desk! Loom! Cheeses of Switzerland Apples of Switzerland This was a temporary exhibit -- that looks like meat, but it's all knitted! Dessert! The litforum AMA is ending! I've compiled all the questions, both the official ones and all the ones the characters asked each other. I'll add them to the tab at the top of this blog soon. Here are the official AMA questions to date: Daily Question #1: What was your most recent lie? Daily Question #2: What are you interested in that most people are not? Daily Question #3: Who in your life has had the best and worst luck? Daily Question #4: What aspect of daily life in your world would surprise someone from 100 years ago? Daily Question #5: What's better broken than whole? Daily Question #6: What would your perfect holiday be like? Daily Question #7: W

Switzerland! Founex, Coppet, and Mies

hoto post! These are just some photos of our village and a couple of the surrounding villages I've been saving. This is in lieu of an ROW80 update, because I haven't written much in the last couple of weeks, except as part of the AMA on thelitforum . This is the first time I'm posting photos without using the "small/medium/large" option but opting for "original size" instead. Let's see how it looks when I click on Publish... Is the season changing where you are?