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Summertime Travels II: Huddersfield, Holmfirth, Manchester, London, and the Midlands

ngland again!

I have some more photos of our recent, short trip:

 Sherlock Holmes, on the walk between train stations in London

 Views of Holmfirth, in Yorkshire
 The House of Eccentricity, a quirky little shop in Holmfirth
 Felix, the train station cat at Huddersfield Station!
 The Last of the Summer Wine cafe
 Dessert at Manchester hotel
 The Empire Exchange record and book shop, Manchester
"Manchester has everything, apart from a beach" -- Ian Brown

Summertime Travels I: Oxford!


We were taking trains back and forth to the Midlands on a recent visit to see family, and stopped off in Oxford. Like London, Edinburgh, and other places, there's always something new to see, even if you've visited Oxford before.

Hope you enjoy a few photos!

The Museum of Natural History

 Look out!
Tyrannosaurus Rex head
 Wee dinosaur for scale
I couldn't even fit T Rex into the photo frame!

Philosophers and scientists!

Reviews! Terry Lynn Johnson, and Tolkien's Leaf by Niggle on Stage

nother book review today!

I was very excited to receive a copy of the first book in Terry Lynn Johnson's Survivor Diaries series.

I don't read adventure books that often, but really enjoy them when I do (the next book in the series is called Avalanche! and I'm really looking forward to it because of fond memories I have of reading a Scholastic book club story with the same name (Avalanche by Arthur Roth)).

This one is called Overboard! and is a fast-moving, smoothly written tale of how two children survived a rogue wave that tore apart their boat and stranded them on an island in Puget Sound.

Eleven-year-old Travis and his family are on a whale watch off the coast of Washington when their boat capsizes, throwing everyone into the ice-cold water. Will Travis and twelve-year-old passenger Marina have the grit and the know-how to survive?

With seventeen years of hands-on experience and training in remote areas, real-life survival expert Terry Lynn Johnson (Ice Dogs; Sled…