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WRiTE Club Cage Bouts and Winter Shadows by Margaret Buffie

inter is coming. I'm on the last book in A Song of Ice and Fire , can you tell? Also, I hope I noted schoolwork as one of my ROW80 goals for this round, as I've been focused a lot on that, and haven't done any editing, unfortunately. Over Christmastime, I read a lovely book called Winter Shadows , by Margaret Buffie . It is the winter of 1856, and Beatrice Alexander has just returned from Upper Canada to her home on the Red River, in what is now Manitoba. Her father’s new wife is threatened by Beatrice and is driving a wedge into the family. Five generations later, in the same house, Christmas promises to be a miserable time. Cass’s mother died of cancer and her father has remarried a woman with an attitude that’s very hardto take. Miraculously, when Cass discovers the star brooch belonging to Beatrice, her visions lead her to Beatrice’s diary. Is she really able to communicate with Beatrice across time, or is it all in her imagination? "A breathtaking

Founex and United Nations Photos, and Sandwiches in Place of Men on A Game of Thrones

ounex! A lovely little village, in all four seasons. And some photos of nearby villages, as well, and of the Palais des Nations, the grounds of the United Nations. There's an owl in here! These animal photos were taken at La Garenne Zoo Nyon WWI memorial mural Coppet Rolle "Multi-Schlepper" School subjects, 1944 Oldest extant document in which the name Founex occurs, 1610 Postcards from Jardin des Cinq Senses, Yvoire Replica Gutenberg printing press! Peacock! Sunrise All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights Replica of the laws of Hammurabi Waiting for the train home On the train And how is ROW80:The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life going, you ask? I