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Tolkien Reading Day 2020 and Travel Post 4: Tolkien Exhibits!

oday is Tolkien Reading Day! Here is the theme and suggested readings from the Tolkien Society : I'm using this day to catch up on my photos of the three wonderful Tolkien events I've attended in the last two years: Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth (at Oxford); Tolkien 2019 (a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Tolkien Society; in Birmingham); and Tolkien: Journey to Middle-earth (in Paris). Here are all my scattered photos: Tolkien's maps and drawings, at Oxford It's striking seeing some of the sketches and paintings in person, as so many are smaller than yo'd think My copy of the exhibition book! Unwrapping it slowly... I got number 210! Signed letter from Priscilla Tolkien I read the catalogue before I saw the exhibit! Which is why I didn't take as many photos in Oxford; I knew my photos wouldn't match the catalogue quality. Too bad, I don't seem to have a