Founex and United Nations Photos, and Sandwiches in Place of Men on A Game of Thrones


A lovely little village, in all four seasons.

And some photos of nearby villages, as well, and of the Palais des Nations, the grounds of the United Nations.

There's an owl in here!

These animal photos were taken at La Garenne Zoo


WWI memorial mural




School subjects, 1944

Oldest extant document in which the name Founex occurs, 1610

Replica Gutenberg printing press!



All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights

Replica of the laws of Hammurabi

Waiting for the train home

On the train

And how is ROW80:The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life going, you ask? I did finish my scene for the May writing exercise on the litforum, but otherwise have been concentrating on schoolwork. And procrastinating a lot, as I'm finally reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series. No spoilers, please, I'm still on book 4!

If you've read or watched them, here's something fun: A Game of Thrones characters as sandwiches.

Which sandwich -- er, lord/knight/plotter/etc. -- is your favourite?


Susan Kane said…
What a hobbit shire! Great photos.
You covered all the seasons with those photos.
I'm just going to pretend the last season of Game of Thrones never happened.
Hi Deniz - wonderful photos of your time around Founex ... I am just so glad we're in warmer days! Those postcards are just wonderful to have - as they tell us so much... cheers Hilary

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