Seven Random Facts About Me

Just for fun, while on Jo's website, I tagged myself with this. If you haven't filled it out, you may tag yourself also! Seven random facts about me:

1) I yawn when I'm thirsty.

2) Sometimes my dreams predict the future.

3) I'm usually reading about ten books at once.

4) The whole time we lived in Turkey I ate the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch: borek with cheese and coffee for breakfast, a pide and a salad followed by rice pudding for lunch. Only once in a while when I wanted something different, did I have eggplant and rice for lunch instead of pide. But I never skimped on that rice pudding.

5) I can knit but I haven't made socks yet. Even Jamie and Ian can make socks!

6) I've read the Lord of the Rings at least once a year since I was ten.

7) I like skunk smell (admittedly, I've never been near one when it sprayed).


>Sometimes my dreams predict the future.

But do the predictions come true?
Deniz Bevan said…
Well the last dream I had was about a week before my parents found and bought the house in Istanbul; I drempt that I was standing on the balcony of their new house and waving to Anneanne on her balcony.
So they're not exactly dreams you can act on, just vague premonitions of what may happen...

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