Update on Austin

I've been busy with the Hallowe'en House Party on the Compuserve Forum and have been a little slow with the "real" writing lately. It's strange how when something is in fun only, I can knock off 1045 words without breaking a sweat, but getting even 700 words out for the Austin and Kedi story involves much griping and hair-pulling. Then again, there are no deadlines or goals, beyond the daily suggestion, for the house party, whereas for the novel I've got to get at least 700 words written each day as part of the 70 Day Challenge. Of course, this makes writing sound like a chore - far from it. I *like* having these deadlines to force me to dedicate myself. If I sat around waiting for inspiration to strike... what was that about a cold day in hell?
Anyway, back to Austin. I've got a new goal, which actually won't take into effect until January. Seeing as the To Be Read pile has now reached the breaking point (four, count 'em, four piles of twenty books each by the bed. And then there's all those classics clogging up the library that I still haven't read) and I'm in dire need of some more in-depth research (I know nothing about fishing, navigating or slang in the Roman Republic. Heck - shameful confession coming - I had no idea Rome wasn't on the sea. Seriously. Now I've got a river to investigate as well. I wish I could get a grant and travel to Italy!) I'm planning a week off in January to:
super clean the house
go to the library (yay McGill! Free books and records, book fairs, and a library! I just wish the library building wasn't so hideously 1970s.)
create a bibliography
FINISH THE LIBRARY CATALOGUE on www.librarything.com
print the (maybe!) finished Austin and Kedi story
find a title for said story (Out of the Shadow of Artemis just doesn't seem to be working. Sorry Claire!)
Print the story and start writing up all the scenes that say "[fill in missing bits]"


Portia Da Costa said…
Have a great writing day, Deniz!
>four piles of twenty books each by the bed

My to be read pile is about one-4th the size of that.

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