Eight Day Marathon - Day Six II

Aha! Finished my January exercise, posted comments on all the other exercises up there, and finished my first reread of The Face of A Lion! Can I take a break? No! First because I've already taken enough breaks today reading The Spymaster's Lady, and second because, before I go back to work Monday, I still have to:
1. complete query for Young Dogs
2. print story! read! fill in blanks!
3. finalise last bits of research and handwritten bits of story floating around
4. print story! read! fill in blanks!
5. organize purse/to do list/junk I carry around with me all the time
6. print story! read! fill in blanks!
5. research ship terminology and how Roman ships worked (e.g. how many levels? slave schedules? messes? sails? names of positions?)
7. print story! read! fill in blanks! edit the whole thing!
Total cups of coffee: 16 or so. Think I'll have a nightcap...


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