The Face of A Lion - update

Here's where the book stands:
First draft 99% complete. About five scenes needing to be finalised, plus the very end.
First two chapters entirely rewritten and now c. 1000 words less.
I need to check for continuity of dates, references, etc.
Confirm all the historical references.
Ask for adivce on things I did not know I needed advice on - e.g. what snakes feel like.
Reread/edit for language, theme, story arc, etc.
Perhaps by the summer...


When do I get to read it?
Rose said…
Deniz, that's about where I'm at, as well. It's interesting-- the feeling of having accomplished such a large part of the task is so exciting, and yet, in some ways it's pretty frustrating too, for me at least.

Good luck on your writing, and I look forward to seeing more of it! :)

~Rose D.

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