Bits 'n' Bobs II

Of course, as soon as I set writing goals for myself, other events conspire against me...
As if I didn't know that having a myriad of hobbies isn't my own fault.

Anyway, the lovely MontrealKnits group on Yahoo, which hosts bimonthly (semimonthly?) knitting meetings in and around town, is holding its first ever Pub Knit at Ye Olde Orchard on Wednesday. I've got two projects on the go - a vest for myself and a hat for a friend. It may be plus one degree Celsius today but it's always cold for the St. Patrick's Day parade!
I hope to be in the parade this year, as I was last year...

I've been emailed a few times as part of the Recipe Exchange, and while I sent one recipe out, I probably won't be able to make it to anyone else. Here, then, is my favourite new-found recipe, the first time I ever found and enjoyed a Kraft recipe that didn't call for either Jello or Cool Whip (blechh!): Strawberry Jam Bars. Meanwhile, since I'm spending tonight finishing my critiques on the Books Forum, I tossed a can of diced tomatoes in a pot, added cubed spring potatoes, diced celery, two chicken breasts, two diced broccoli stems, two diced onions, three finely chopped cloves of garlic, thyme and black pepper ground in a mortar and pestle, a few good glugs of expensive olive oil and half a diced-tomato can of water and voila! It's simmering as we speak.

Requiescat in pace Jeff Healey.


Stephanie said…
Hey Deniz!

It's Stephanie from the Forum.

Knitting at the pub? AWESOME!!! My daughter and I love to knit, although we are beginners. I want to get a little braver and move up to knitting a shrug (that little sweater thing) for her. Must work up the courage! Great blog! Thanks!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Stephanie!

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