Where I've Been

...participating in the first chapters exercise over on ye olde forum. I hope that, by the end of the week, my own first chapter will finally (!) be ready to post. I’ve added thousands of new words and a brand-new scene. Austin’s having a whole heap of new adventures...
Meanwhile, check out Fuzzy Logic Knits - the latest link I’ve added to the “other sites” list – my friend Lee Ann has a new column in Vogue Knitting magazine! If you have any news, tidbits, info, fun stuff about knitting in Canada, feel free to pass them along...


Lottery Girl said…
Hey Deniz,
It's me, Stephanie from the Forum. Your blog is very cool--writing AND knitting, two of my favorite past times! So do you guys in Canada have a lot of cool fibers available? I'm lucky because we have a fabulous yarn shop within 30 minutes. Also, we have wool shows in the area. My daughter and I CAN'T WAIT for the big show in June, which features not only awesome fibers, but also the animals who grew those fibers! they have wool, alpaca, llama, mohair, etc. They also teach classes in spinning and weaving. (I'm sticking with knitting since I don't need another hobby!)

I'm knitting a sweater for one of my kids right now. You can see the yarn I picked at my blog, and I'm about to take another pic to show my progress.

Good luck on your writing goals!

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