1500 words today!
I was thinking of posting a long, dreary blog about how I can't seem to meet my goals, and how I have no motivation otherwise I could be finished by the end of summer, blah blah blah. Kind of like what Jen was describing. And this hilarious post by Libba Bray that she linked to.
But then I actually got up at 5.30 this morning, and sat in front of the computer when I came home from work and look - 1500 words! And I'm still writing!
This is all the more impressive considering I don't normally draft on the computer. But it does make later editing that much easier, since I don't spend additional hours typing text from my own scrawls.

Ahem. Goals.

1. Finish last ten pages!

Despite today's word count, I haven't made a dent in this by far. Still another ten pages to go...

2. Really research agents, instead of randomly surfing the internet.

Ha! Haven't done this!

3. Clean up synopsis and start on query letter.

Okay, I've got my long synopsis (2500 words). I need the short one (1000 words) and I need to spruce up the cheesy draft query I wrote.

Meanwhile, I just got side-tracked reading Maureen Johnson's blog and have realised that my agent-querying goal is going to interfere with my no-books-buying resolution. I'll have to read quite a lot of contemporary YA in the next two months if I want to do a decent agent search. Time to hit the library... The library in my own neighbourhood doesn't seem to have a website, but my old high school has a chair at the Westmount Library - and an online catalogue search!


Tara Parker said…

Congrats on the 1500 words, that's great! (g)

Glad to see another fan of LB and MJ's blogs - they are just hysterical!
MM said…
Why are the last ten pages always the hardest?

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