Last Night I Drempt...

...that I was a snail.
It all started on a cliff-edge in Turkey, where my dad and sister and I had gone to see the Stanley Cup (because the Canadiens had won!) and take some photos.
On the way back, from the car, I saw a cave. Or rather, there was an interesting fort-like cave, and beside it was a large overhanging rock that hid the entrance to another cavern. A tabby cat and a siamese-type cat lived in the crevices of the fort, and came out once in a while to chase dogs and have fun.
Then I was a snail that lived in the cool darkness of the cavern entrance. Oh! I can't begin to describe that coolness. Imagine a very expensive indoor pool, with tiling and marble, no chlorine smell, and lots of leafy green plants keeping the place dim and moist. Not steamy. Just very, very cool.
But I had a friend, a snake that lived in the hot, dry grasses that grew above the rock, and he was always trying to get me to come out and play football/soccer with him and the cats. I always refused, reluctant to leave my lovely fresh home, but finally, one day, I could desist no longer, and I came out.
It was all right at first, and lots of fun to play with my friends, but then I started to get hot. And dry. I wanted to go back under the rock, but my snake friend kept saying, "just five more minutes!" so I stayed.
Now I was getting muzzy-headed and very sleepy, until eventually, I passed out.

As is the way with dreams, I then saw myself as the snail being carried back to my home under the rock.
And then I woke up.


That's a good snail's tale! Ha, Ha, Ha...

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