6514 of 74314 words edited tonight!

Plus, I removed almost all of the notes and comments, inserted text for all the half-finished scene endings, and drafted a query letter. Pretty good week, though I could be doing much more than this.

I still need to:
Complete a final version of the query
Reduce the three-page synopsis to one page
Visit the library/bookstore to draw up a list of agents
Write the last ten pages
Double-check *all* my research notes, etc., in my notebook and on the computer, to make sure I've addressed all comments/hints/tips/facts/dates/names/etc.
Keep editing!

As my Facebook status said, I need an intern...

How is everyone else doing?


Lynne said…
We edit, we chop, we throw out entire scenes. A little chant as we fling words into the NowhereSphere!
Deniz Bevan said…
True! We could almost make a song out of it, something Mary Poppins-ish :-)
Lynne said…
Absolutely. Sing, sing, sing! Did you ever meet Gareth? He's on my website right now. Have a good day!

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