Checking In

Not much prgress to note - I'm on Chapter 11 of 35 (yes, I've added a chapter!), which still leaves 24 chapters (about 150 manuscript pages) left to edit. Don't even ask about the Q letters! The templates are getting all wrinkled from travelling back and forth to work with me, but I haven't advanced on them at all.

As for my new-book-buying ban - I've already got books lined up to buy when the ban lifts in October/November, including new Folio publications, and Hélène's new books!
An interesting part of this ban has been that, since I'm so eager to finish reading all the books I own and haven't read, I haven't been re-reading as much. I stared longingly at the Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers shelves the other day, but forced myself to turn away and pick up an unread book. I'm trying to finish After London, but it's the slowest book I've read in a long time, despite the interesting topic; more on this one when I finish it...


I am still at p. 56 of After London. I agree, it's an interesting yet a rather slow read.
Lynne said…
I missed that one. I slogged through
one that one an RWA award but it nearly killed me. As most of the reviewers said, the book didn't really start till half way through.
At the end, you're left wondering why oh why, didn't the author include a family tree? I don't have your e-mail. I can't let you know when new posts are up. See you later!

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