Comment Number 543

That's me! Right after the paragraph about a kill and right before another YA...
Nathan Bransford, blogging agent extraordinaire is hosting his 2nd Sort-of-Annual Stupendously Ultimate First Paragraph Challenge and the deadline is tomorrow - enter while you can!


I entered, too. I have no idea what number I am. LOL. Somewhere in the 300's--erm, I think. I do know the time! 6:24PM, yesterday.

And I saw Kait in there somewhere.

Christy said…
I told myself I wouldn't enter. Nathan's already rejected PRINCESS. Maybe I'll try my luck with VIVA, the Bookends folks liked it.
Deniz Bevan said…
Yup, found yours Jen - great paragraph! Good luck to you too!
Shucks, Nathan hasn't had a chance to reject any of my work yet, this might be his first opportunity :-)
Christy said…
Nathan's rejection was quick and painless. I really didn't think he'd ask to see more of PRINCESS. But since he said to query him first, I decided it was worth a shot. And all it took was a quick email.
Thanks for the comment on the forum. I'm in the middle of a huge revision, which is why I haven't updated my query recently.

Anyway, I'll "see" you around.

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