Well That Was Depressing...

I can't believe I have to rewrite my opening. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the weather we've been having:

The view from work, last week:

Walking to the train station the next morning:

At the train station:

Trees at the train station:

A couple of days later I was on this street:

And I saw some late geese!:

As well as a frozen magnolia:


Rachel said…
Beautiful photos! You know, I have only ever seen snow twice in my life (after ten hour drives to our pathetic excuses for snow fields) and have never actually seen snow fall. Until these sad facts of my life change, I'll just have to experience the wonder of snow through your pics!

And your opening ... well, I thought the way it was, was great. But you never know - a re-write may make it even better! Good luck.

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