The Face of A Lion Update

While Jen's away writing, Kait's filling in over on Mission Accountability, and I checked in with her today...
As of yesterday I've been falling behind... I left all the difficult revisions to this last 10-day stretch and now I'm getting overwhelmed - I've got so many rewrites to do to tie up themes and character development points, I'm going crazy! I should do what our mistress Jen is doing but I just started in a new section at work and can't take off more than a day or two. And I got a call saying my glasses came in but they were all wrong and have been sent back for re-tooling. Without them, I can't get up early in the morning and work for two hours or so since I can't see and if I wear my contacts for too long my eyes will suffer...

Okay, that was the woe is me bit. Now for the constructive attitude...
Erm? Attitude?
Alright, he's a no-show.

Meanwhile, let's see the goals:
Complete 6 pages per day, if not more
Resolve all the issues I've left behind (sticky notes on the pages I've already "done")
Print a clean copy to make myself feel better and markup what's left
Rewrite the end of the Riot chapter (the one that needs a ten-page rewrite and got me so discouraged yesterday) to bring Austin to the forefront of the action

I've also got a slew of blog posts waiting to be worked on, all about Shakespeare, knitting, etc., not to mention the Helene-style calendar I've got to draft by the end of the week!


Good luck with your schedule, Deniz!

I'm trying to keep it simple this year and hope to finish and submit my two YA WIPs.

Yah, that should be enough. :-)
Deniz Bevan said…
Yay! Can't wait to see them :-)

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