Marathon Day Two

The Marathon is on over at the Books and Writers Community.

Yesterday was a bit of a wash, but today, Day Two, I finally got my act together enough to organize my manuscript for The Face of A Lion - it was all the little tweaks/edits/Latin translations that were bogging me down. I've got them all consolidated into one printout of the novel now.

But I still have exactly 6 scenes to add to/rewrite.

I'm starting to dream about a week off work again... Here's what I would do:

Saturday - clean the house (but I'd probably start late cos I'd read in bed all morning); look up quotes and translations
Sunday - type up last few edits
Monday - print new copy; stare at new copy; find an exercise or MA punishment to help me kick start some scenes
Tuesday - type up new scenes
Wednesday - do taxes, putz around the house "organizing"
Thursday - look at query letter; try to tweak it; look up agents; catch up on emails and Facebook Wordscraper games
Friday - print latest version; flip through it; reread if I feel like it; send it off to betas; find errors the moment I hit send
Saturday - send to some agents; read other books
Sunday - go back to knitting and scrapbooking projecs; turn mind to new story

Dream (the dream music comes at the end of the clip)...


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