The Face of A Lion is Complete!

After a marathon 24 hours of editing last week (not all in one stretch, but close), I can safely and without any reservations, state that my novel is Done! It's Finished! Complete! Over!
Ah, there's always a 'but', isn't there? This is without beta reads and without any substantial agent-requested changes, since I'm still agent-hunting. For all intents and purposes, however, it's confetti time!
[we pause now to indulge in a moment of skippitty-hoppity]
Leaving me free to write and research for the new wip as I see fit. I've got about ten scenes under my belt but no links or overall themes yet. Still in exploration mode on this one, which is set 1450 years ahead of The Face of A Lion. The next one is likely to take place in the 1930s - getting closer to a modern novel with each step...


Claire G said…
Oh, congratulations! Great news :)