12 Things My House Is Overrun With

A non writing post! Tag yourself if you wish!

Courtesy of Adventures in Chaos:

•Travel brochures
•Books I haven't read yet
•Glasses and mugs with logos on them (such as Wintzell's Oyster House)
•Cat hair
•Hand lotion
•Rag ends of wool skeins that remind me of items I've knit in the past
•Knitting patterns
•Itty bitty scraps of paper with scribbles on them of dreams, story ideas, things to do, etc.
•Aluminium foil balls (in other words, cat toys)
•Framed photos and art - none of which has been hung on the walls


No hairballs?

I hate itty bitty scraps of paper with scribbles on them! I recently got myself a small notebook to scribble in. But now I have to carry it with me everywhere I go.
Deniz Bevan said…
True, I should have added #13 - Notebooks with collected thoughts/things to look up/interesting words/songs and bands/books to buy lists/etc.!