The Mall At The End Of Time and Poetry

Day Three of the Houseparty!

Pay a visit to the Mall at the End of Time, created by Ron Wodaski, where there's a cragon running around - along with rats-that-aren't-rats, time travellers, veterans of three different wars, a couple of cats-that-aren't-cats and a scruffy kitten named Snack - in between shops like Rake's Art Gallery ("Art for Evil's sake is the motto here. Would you like to crawl into a painting and wreak havoc? We also have a selection of come-alive sculptures (just rub the appropriate part), as well as enchanted lamps and a wide variety of cursed items suitable for instigating chaos on a moment's notice. A great place for evildoers and criminals to find that extra-special treat") and Psychic Solutions, Inc. ("The neighborhood computer store of the 21st century has evolved to suit the needs of the End of Time traveler. Did your ego get busted during a teleport? Are you feeling depressed about the end of everything? Need someone to pump up your virtual tires? Whether your id is stuck or your super-ego needs a boost, we have everything psychic. Bring in your old minds for a trade-in").

Part 53456322 of why I love English: "Said my get-up-and-go must have got up and went" (Sweet Emotion, Aerosmith). In what other language could you have such a mixed up sentence that nevertheless works perfectly as a song lyric?

Reason 76498953 for why I wish I lived in the UK: "To mark 100 years since Tolkien left the school they both attended, Tom Shippey, Professor Emeritus of English, St. Louis University, will be delivering a general lecture entitled: Tolkien: the Books, the Films, the Phenomenon. The lecture is on Tuesday 5th July 2011 at 6 pm in Big School (the main hall), King Edward's School, Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham. Admission is free."

I've finished reading Stephen Fry's The Ode Less Travelled (it's great fun reading a book that makes me want to say yes, that's it! to every well worded opinion), which dovetailed nicely into this month's literary resolution. Apart from Fry's exposition and essays, quite a few poems are featured in their entirety in the book, some of which were new to me. I couldn't be bothered typing all the titles into my Books I'm Reading and Finished Books list; it was easier to scribble the list on paper:

Grocery List of Great Poetry

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Jill W. said…
Has anybody ever told you that you have really unique handwriting? [g]

Seriously, I'd recognize it anywhere.

Love that lyric too!

Totally blown away by how creative all the HP people are. I'm also really glad this is going on while I'm not in classes because I would be *SO* distracted! [bg]

Yay on finishing books!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Jill! Can't wait to see what you're doing over at the HP. I've got to figure something out with Claire's boys and the rats...

Ha ha on my handwriting... It's a convoluted mess that's evolved over the years from me consciously trying to emulate the handwriting of people I admire. My "p"s for instance are a (badly done) copy of Tolkien's. Yup.
Carol Riggs said…
A kitten named "Snack." I love it! ;o) Nice list of reads--and yes, you have cool handwriting, I agree. Running off to analyze you now, heehee. (kidding)
Dee-Ann Latona LeBlanc said…
I'm so tickled that Snack became a central character. :) Such a scruffy wee thing! I love these kinds of exercises in silliness, they're a nice break from writing so much drama.
Jill W. said…
Oh, now I see! I'd never have thought of that. My handwriting's pretty variable. Really, it's a mess. But then, I hear handwriting reflects one's personality...[bg]

BTW - Sonnet 29 is my favorite of Shakespeare's. Just lovely. :]
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by Carol!

Who could resist a kitten, Dee-Ann? [g]

I'm just glad you were able to read it all, Jill - my writing always feels messy.
Yes! I loved The Ode Less Travelled. A brilliant book!
Zan Marie said…
How in heck are you posting in the blog and keeping up on the House Party? Of course, my HP character is in the thick of the fight. I love one Alex Singer. ; )
Jill W. said…
Messy? That? No way. :P

('Course, I'm also used to reading doctors' handwriting, too...but really - your handwriting is nowhere near illegible.)

I agree with Zan Marie. No idea how you had time for a blog post, too! [g]
You do have unique handwriting! I read it with no problem but I am used to reading prescriptions and dr's notes. I must get around to reading Stephen Fry's work.

I do not know how you keep up with the projects you follow! Have a great week, Deniz.
Nas said…
How you keep up with all these and do a blog post as well?

All the best!
I love that Aerosmith line too! Poetry is the celebration of language. Sometimes song lyrics are too.

I did have a wonderful weekend. With school over, how could I not?

Happy week to you!
Susan Fields said…
That is a great lyric! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too. :)
Anonymous said…
Joe Perry and cool lyrics--that's why I like Aerosmith.

I haven't read Fry's book yet. I'll look up ODE.
Anonymous said…
I know have a serious urge to crank some Aerosmith. Thanks! :-)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Pamela!

I have no idea ZanMarie, Jill. Oh wait, yes I do. No... sleep...

Thanks Glynis, thanks Nas - I think I might be burning the candle at both ends until vacation in August [g]

Thank you Theresa and Susan!

It's a great book Medeia; just the sort of anthology they should have given us in school!

Hee hee, this post seems to be having that effect, Liz :-)
Su said…
Ay yi yi, another book for the to-read list!
Deniz Bevan said…
Sorry Su! I know how you feel :-)