Round Up of A Round of Words in 80 Days

Uh oh. I haven't quite been keeping track of my daily progress on editing Out of the Water. The only thing I can tell is that compared to 80 days ago, I've actually got less square brackets. They're actually down to a finite number - all highlighted in purple.

Some statistics:

Total pages: 180

Current word count: 140,380 (way too high for a historical romance, apparently)

First 60 pages: CLEAN. No highlights, no brackets, no question marks! Even passed out to a couple of readers!

First 120 pages: relatively clean. Just a few more linking scenes needed.

Last 60 pages: a MESS. Total rewrite necessary.

Additional: c. 150 words looked up in the OED Online so far. So many anachronistic words I can't use...

Something I was thinking about yesterday: This year is the 560th or so anniversary of Gutenberg's printing press. I still haven't succumbed to e-books; I print everything.
There was a guest post recently on Nathan Bransford's blog, exploring the relation between memory, learning and books. I don't want to decry new technology, because I think my fear - that people are getting dumber and that stupidity is becoming more accepted - has been around for hundreds of years.
O tempora, o mores! And yet - it's exciting being around in a time of flux, when all the rules are changing.

Next round of A Round of Words in 80 Days starts on 4 July! And I've got my first assignment for Barbara Rogan's Revising Fiction Workshop to do before then. Details coming soon!


Keep up the good work, Deniz! I could do with some of your 140 words!
Anonymous said…
Heh, your last 60 pages sound like my last 60 pages. Darn unruly book endings. See you in round 3!
Carol Riggs said…
Keep going! You're making progress. :) Yeah, book endings can be quite a mess. You'll untangle it, I'm sure.
Unknown said…
You are so organized! I'm impressed with what you've accomplished.
alberta ross said…
well done on acheivments - great guest blog you directed us to - the comments being as excelant as the post itself - like a bonus 2nd blog - best I've read in a long time - thanks for that

Personaly i like being in a time of flux -have been ever since I was born six+decades agao - life is always thus - we build on what went before it scares as well as excites - or it sends one to put head in sand!!! I don't like the taste of sand very over-rated!!

see you in round3 - cheers
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Glynis!

I can't believe I didn't get any work done this weekend, katen! The 60 pages still look the same...

Thank you Carol and Clarissa!

Thank alberta - I don't like the taste of sand either [g] Better to get out there and do the work!