ROW80 and A Snip from Out of the Water

A weekend of editing! Does it get any better than that? Well, unless you're drafting for a shiny new idea, of course.

I haven't posted a snip in a while (and I lost a follower, I think. I'm sorry, whoever you were!), so here's a wee peek at Out of the Water:

Brother Arcturus and Baha appeared together soon after, while the men were still out in the grounds, and led them further into the woods. Once they had left the fields and the river behind, and the calls and shouts of the fire fighters had receded, Arcturus and Baha lit torches and spaced themselves along the line. Rosa, finding her footing behind Arcturus with Tía Mira following in her steps, wished they had stayed in darkness. Torchlight was misleading, creating shadows, leading her to step high over obstacles that were not there, and not highlighting stray rocks and branches that littered the path.

After stubbing her toes for the tenth time, and stumbling backward into her aunt, Rosa waited for the group to pass, Baha carrying the final torch. She held her aunt back beside her with a whisper and the two of them resumed walking at the end of the line, feeling their way among the drifts of leaves. It was easier to keep their footing with the men marking a passage, and with both lights shining ahead of them. Baha glanced once over his shoulder at them and something warm that was not the heat of the fire or the torch flushed her cheeks.

Her shoulders bumped Tía Mira's every once in a while, but she did not try to prevent it, finding comfort in her aunt's closeness.

"She is my aunt!" She repeated fiercely in her mind, any time thoughts of Santiago's revelations threatened to intrude. Best to not think at all, but keep walking. Arcturus would lead them somewhere safe, where they could rest, and then she would have to answer all the questions they must be holding in, and to think and plan, for herself and for her family. Easier now to keep shuffling forward, filling her mind with idle fancies of laden tables and her soft bed, in the home and warmth that had been hers so many months ago.

But I was Rosa de Toledo then. Who am I now?

Three notes:

Found a great tumblr site thanks to Kate Kaynak: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend. I almost wish I had a story set in the 19th century so I could pretend one of these guys was my main character.

Since Julie tagged me in the meme from the other day, I'm linking to her page so you can check out her answers as well.

I've won a copy of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit by Susan Kaye Quinn! And I've finished reading Craving Perfect by Liz Fichera, which was great! Reviews coming soon...


Nas said…
Hi Deniz,

Great excerpt. Enjoyed it. Congrats for winning Life, Liberty and Pursuit!

And I also read Craving Perfect. Liked it very much.
Anonymous said…
Good luck on the editing. Not a bad way to spend the weekend. :0)

Great excerpt!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations for winning! And awesome excerpt, thanks for sharing. :)
Nadja Notariani said…
Very nice....especially the look Rosa receives from Baha. I like the glimpse of feeling implied in that look.
This is my first peek into 'Out Of The Water', and I will say that when it is out, I will read it. From the blurb alone, the story intrigues me.
Keep up your editing! ~ Nadja
alberta ross said…
well done on win - liked the link -splendid faces
good luck for this week
Anonymous said…
Tumblr seems to be all the rage this week. Must investigate that further.

P.S. So glad you liked Craving Perfect! *Hugs*
Beth said…
Sounds like you had a prolific weekend. Congratulations on the win!
Tara said…
Oh, I want to read Craving Perfect!

Have fun editing, can't wait to see it ;)
Congrats on winning! Enjoyed the snippet, thanks. Good luck with the edits.
Zan Marie said…
I love this snip! It ties up so many of your themes so well. And congrats on winning.
Jill W. said…
Finally catching up on blog posts...

Yay! Another snip! I like what you did with this one. [g] Not sure if stumbling backward is very likely though, but overall, great description (and I still like the 'Torchlight is misleading' sentence very much!)

Congrats on the book win!
Susan Fields said…
Great snip - thanks for sharing! And congrats on your win!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi Deniz,

I see you lived through your editing weekend...YAY! I enjoyed your snip.. I like your description. Nicely done.

Craving perfect is on my list to read next... I am looking so forward to it.

Plan on coming your way in Late August. Would love to meet you at a cafe... Let me know. I'd love some suggestions on the fun neighborhoods if you get a chance... Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Great excerpt...and that Tumblr page is fantastic. Congrats on winning the Quinn book.
Jayne said…
Your snip sounds interesting! I love a weekend of editing as long as I'm all geared up for it... nothing worse then getting that weekend and not being able to get anything on the page (which is happening to me a lot at the moment - so frustrating!) Congrats on your win as well!
Glad to hear you got some editing done. I hope to begin big edits this Friday. School ends on Thursday - YaY!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you Nas, Larualyn and Madeline!

Squee! Thanks for the vote of confidence Nadja!

Thanks Alberta and Liz! I succumbed to tumblr today, but haven't done much with it yet...

Thanks Beth, Tara, Glynis and Zan Marie!

Thanks Jill! Stumbling backward? Oh yea, look at that! Hmm...

Thank you Susan!

Thanks so much Michael! It'd be great to meet up! Montreal's full of neat neighbourhoods - will email you.

Thanks Medeia and Theresa!

Hope you get a good weekend of writing and editing soon, Jayne!