Tag! I'm it!

A meme! I was tagged by Medeia Sharif and l'Aussie Denise. Here goes:

1. Do you think you're hot? Never! I'm always freezing cold and asking whether we can't turn the heat up in the office.

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper you're using at the moment. Ooh, I love this one. It's a collage I made a while ago of all the images in my head as I write Out of the Water:

3. When was the last time you ate chicken meat? A couple of days ago. Why?

4. A song you listened to recently: Nightingale, by the Whisky Trench Riders (e-mail me if you'd like to buy the album!)

5. What were you thinking as you were doing this? Of eating and drinking. I'd really like a coffee.

6. Do you have nicknames? What are they? D, Deni, Den Den...

7. Tag eight bloggers:


Zan Marie







8. A few questions about your tagged friends...

Who's listed as number one?
Karen, who does a great job collecting and commenting on all things Outlander-related.

Say something about number 5.
Sara's writing a fascinating story, and her blog is always full of writerly tid bits!

How did you get to know number 3?
Why, the Forum of course! The Compuserve Books and Writers Community.

How about number 4?
Jill's just started blogging - met her through the Forum too. Hi Jill *waves*. She's been incredibly helpful the last little while as I plough through my edits.

Leave a message for number 6.
Hi Tara! Thank you for helping me remove that last gangplank and starting Rosa's story where it should be begun!

Leave a lovey-dovey message for number 2.
Thank you for all the inspiration, Zan Marie (Cherry Hill lives on!), and for that lovely poem you wrote last week. Bless you!

Do number 7 and number 8 have any similarities?
They're both writers, and I wish them both the best of success! They've also got very pretty and interesting blogs.

And hey what about number 9?
9? But you told me to tag 8! Let's tag Talli Roland, just for fun, since she's about to launch her newsletter - sign up if you haven't yet done so!

Speaking of Jill and Tara and gangplanks, I do believe I might be done with revising and re-editing the opening to Out of the Water. Now I've got to turn around and revamp the ending. All in preparation for Barbara Rogan's Revising Fiction Workshop, which starts in *gasp* 11 days.


Zan Marie said…
Thanks for the love, Deniz! And the link to the poem. I had to stop and reread it and all the comments in the thread. ; )

Now to go mull these questions...
Nas said…
Hi Deniz,

It was fun reading about you! Thanks for all the links and for sharing!
Denise Covey said…
Hi Deniz. Clever you linking to Nas' post. I haven't been able to get that right!

Loved reading your answers, Den, Deni, hahahahah...

Good way to answer the "hot" question.

I'm always cold too. Except when it's hot and humid. Then I'm hot and humid!

Love your collage.
Nadja Notariani said…
It was so great of you to tag me in your blogpost! (And to say that my page is *pretty*)
Another thanks for congratulating me on finishing 'Claiming The Prize'! I'll be breaking waters into the editing phase soon...Oh boy! How's your editing process coming along? I see you are gearing up to re-work the ending and wondered how close you are to completing your edits? ~ Nadja
Jill W. said…
Hi, Deniz! [waves]

Well, I'm not so good at seeing the "big picture" stuff (I think), but I like your story and I hope I can help once in a while. That and it means I get snippets. [g]

Wandering off to go do that meme!
Deniz, catching up on your blog posts. Congrats on winning The Finnish Line. Glad you enjoyed your workshop, and well done on tagging Talli!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful collage! OUT OF WATER sounds fantastic.
S.P. Bowers said…
Thanks for thinking of me and the nice things you said.

Sorry if I sound lame but I've never done this before. Am I supposed to answer these questions now?
Lori Benton said…
Thanks for the tag. No better to place to have met you than Books & Writers. After all these years, it still rocks!
Beth said…
Congratulations on the award. And good luck getting ready for the workshop!
Trisha said…
Yay for getting tags done! hehe
Zan Marie said…
You really owe it to yourself to go read my tag response. You're a great buddy!
Anonymous said…
I feel cold easily.

That's a cool collage. I haven't collaged for my writing in years. Perhaps I should start doing that again. I found it motivating.
Deniz Bevan said…
Hugs to you, Zan Marie!

Thanks Nas, Denise and Theresa!

Thank you Nadja! I never feel like I'm getting anywhere near done with the editing. I do hope once I've completed the Revising Workshop quiz in September I'll be done and can begin querying!

So glad you get excited by my snippets, Jill!

Thank you Glynis! Coming by to visit you as I play catch up myself...

Thanks so much Liz!

You can answer them if you like, Sara! Sometimes I answer mine right away, sometimes I let them sit, some times I fudge the questions a little...

Love the Forum, Lori!

Thank you Beth and Trisha and Medeia!
Carol Riggs said…
Congrats on the tag!! Very interesting wallpaper, and ha, it's funny to see how many different ways people are answering #1 (do you think you're hot). ;o)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Carol! It's fun to see what everyone does with the same questions.