H is for How Can There Be So Many Books?!

How can there be so many books?!

Some I've all ready read and loved, like The Fault in our Stars by John Green:

 I love Tove Jansson, too!

 And, of course, Bukowski:

 I'm going to have to get this book because of Louis de Bernieres, who wrote the wonderful Birds Without Wings, set in Turkey in the 1920s:

 On the other hand, if you need books... Try this map in London:

 Or this man in New York City: @erik_kwakkel: "I enjoyed reading this NYT piece about the institutional memory of the Strand bookstore Via @caleb_crain & @sam_sacks"

Speaking of acquiring, here's a book that got away:

 Here's a series that I love: 

And look! Scholastic helps out: 
 And once you've got your books... how about a bookplate?:

Do you use bookplates? Have you ever gotten an electronic autograph?


Zan Marie said…
I don't use bookplates or get electronic autographs, but books? Yes! I buy books and more books by the day. Now it's for my Kindle, but that's the same difference, don't you think? ; )
Matthew MacNish said…
Bukowski was a sick bastard.
I've never gotten an electronic autograph. I've just never been that smitten about authors. I figure everyone's writing a book, so all authors are just regular joes like me. Those that sell a million books just won the lottery is all. And I wouldn't want a signature from a lottery winner. There's one every week in every state.
S.P. Bowers said…
Sometimes the number of books out there in the world is completely overwhelming. There's no way I can read everything. But I can try.
More books than we will ever read.
I have a couple autographed books, including one of Terry Brooks' Shannara novels.
The number of books on my shelves and on my virtual shelves overwhelms me, how can I hope to conquer the books still out in teh world?

Thanks Deniz!

I'm glad there are so many different kinds of books to read in the world, but it can be overwhelming!

Love the sound of the BBC documentary Moomin Maker. Those were wonderful books.
Kristen Dyrr said…
Because there is neverending creativity, and something for everyone! :)

From A to Z, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com
Lara said…
I have more books than I could ever hope to read, but I love being around them. They're a big part of my decorating scheme! ;)
Hi Deniz .. why are you asking us? You're the one that's reading so many of them ...

I love books too and keep buying ... I'll read them sometime!

Cheers Hilary
Misha Gericke said…
Nope and nope.

But now I feel like reading. ;-)
J.L. Murphey said…
Actually I do use book plates still, but mighty hard to stick them on my kindle
Deniz Bevan said…
All I can think about with all my books is that someday I'll have a proper library and space won't be an issue anymore!
Funny, i'm not that excited by authographs in and of themselves - it's the excitement of meeting a favourite author thatI enjoy!

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