R is for Reaching Out

R is for reaching out to others!

Author Claire Legrand was tweeting about busyness when Kait Nolan tweeted back: "@clairelegrand Do I need to email you a link to your own post about not forgetting to shower?"

A very important post for all creative people!

Here's author Barbara Rogan on the band Whisky Trench Riders: "@wtriders Funny, literate tweets AND terrific music? Nice to meet you guys. Loved this:"

Lots of friends and fans banded together to support author Jay Lake. There was a PayPal glitch. But everyone on social media helped fix it! ‏@scalzi: "And now @jay_lake can get his cash again. Thank you @askpaypal, and thank you everyone who raised their voice for Jay."

Quitting alcohol or something else? Amanda Palmer started a support group: "OK, here's the thread: use hashtag #TheWagon if we're hitting each other with shameful empty wine bottles on twitter."

Whisky Trench Riders did the same: "Booze Hiatus, Day 1: Sailed into #Drydock this morning. Looks like a nice enough place, must do some exploring though..."

‏Pastor @CindyKohlmann tweets: "My sermon today is partly inspired by following @amandapalmer and the way she throws her arms wide to all. That's what church should be."

And hey look! The United Nations "wants to hear from YOU! I have just told them my priorities for creating a better world via@MyWorld2015" (via @FeeScott)

But the best part about supporting each other:

having fun!

What other examples of support have you come across lately?


TheWagon one is a good idea!
Jocelyn Rish said…
In all the darkness of this past week, it's really helped to see the people of Boston coming together, as well as others (from the US and around the world) reaching out with words of support.
I agree with Jocelyn, above. Such show of support from Bostonians this past week. Very emotional to watch.

Generally, it's always good to see friends supporting friends. We all need love and support.

Great read.

Silvia @ Silvia Writes
Trisha F said…
I do love a drink, but I am working on drinking less. I just feel really tired after having drunk, particularly on weeknights. So those are totally out once again (I go through stages!). And I'm attempting to cut down on weekends too. ;)
Old Kitty said…
I'm yet to get to grips with twitter but I LOVE that there's so much love about especially after this week of just utter horror not just in the US (prayers for Boston and Texas!) but there's been earthquakes in China and Iran with lots of fatalities too so more love please!!!

Today is the London Marathon - lots of people to sponsor and cheer on!! Take care
Me said…
It always feels good when friends reach out to you, when you most need them. LOved your R word.

-Fellow blogger from A to Z!
DL Hammons said…
This is something I'm not very good at.
Nas said…
I loved your post on reaching out today. We all need help at times yet we don't really know how to ask for it. Thanks Deniz!

Richard Miles said…
How important it is that we reach out to others. If we consider the way that Christ has reached out to us, that can be the only valid response.
Twitter and Facebook were invaluable last week. On Monday, I was easily able to check in and make sure friends and family in the Boston area were safe. And especially on Friday when the suspect from the Boston Marathon was at large in the area where I live, I could follow the feed from the Boston Police Department. What was lovely was how many people from all over the world used Facebook to check in on me.
Liz Fichera said…
The great thing about Twitter is that the reachout is worldwide. When you tweet, you never know who will respond but someone always does. It's a beautiful thing.

Great post, Deniz! (as usual) :)
Kristen Dyrr said…
We bloggers certainly have to reach out to others if we ever want anyone to see what we write! :)

#atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Bloggy hug!

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