Keats and Happiness Blog Hops, eBooks, and Author Interviews

Coming in late on two blog tours...

Last month a few bloggers hosted a John Keats blog tour!

It's hard to choose just one Keats poem to share. I visited his house in Hampstead over ten years ago, but only managed to take a couple of photos, and those not with a digital camera. On the same day, I walked across Hampstead Heath, and then had a drink at the Spaniard's Inn:

Here are two Keats sonnets:

Rereading these poems on the screen, instead of in a book, reminds me of something I came across the other day. Joe Hill was comparing books and ebooks on Twitter and noted that for some chapters in his new book, NOS4A2:

I hadn't thought of this angle before. It sort of dovetails into my discomfort with reading ebooks, when I can't get a sense of where in the novel I am (it's not just the page numbers - it's having a constant visual sense of what part of the book I've reached, when I can see all the pages at once in my hands). Not to mention, why do ebooks always start on the first page? I like reading all the publisher's pages and the table of contents and the dedication and all, before I start the novel proper.

But I'm still trying! Because I'm really running out of space in the library, and the TBR pile by the bed is climbing up the walls...

Which brings me to the other meme that's doing the rounds, How To Be Happy! I love Alex and Arlee's answers, so I won't echo them, but I'll add five more:

1. Take a walk and act like Anne Shirley - glory in every leaf on every tree, the colours of the birds, the chattering of squirrels, the blueness of the sky or the varying sounds of the rain or snow or wind (I'm reading Before Green Gables at the moment, so thinking like Anne - or Pollyanna! - is at the forefront of my mind)

2. Don't compare yourself to others, especially when it comes to project timelines!

3. For the writers out there, don't forget to read and write for fun

4. For everyone else, travel! Lots of people complain about travelling (especially airports and planes), but the journey is fun too, if you're full of excitement and anticipation and don't pack too much!

5. Eat More Fruit

Finally, here're two recent author interviews:

Hélène Boudreau, talking about her inspirations, before she left for her TD Book Week tour


P. J. Bracegirdle, on his new young adult thriller

What would you add to the happy list?
Have you come across any other poet or author bloghops recently?


Glad you liked my happy list. Now, pass the fruit bowl!
Anonymous said…
The Kindle app has this little meter on the bottom where you can follow the progress, but it certainly doesn't beat the feeling of reading a "real" book and keeping track of where you are that way. Ebooks don't measure up to the real deal and never will - but they are a good supplement and quite handy, for the reason you pointed out (saves space!).
Love your five happy points! As a people watcher, I thoroughly enjoy spending time at airports and terminals, so that's NEVER a problem :D
Hi Deniz .. I love Keats - about the only poet I know anything about ..

I think I might agree with you re the ebooks ... I'm going to take my Kindle to London on Friday am .. and see how I go - I'll have time as I wait around and am on the train ..

Cheers Hilary
S.P. Bowers said…
I need to read more poetry. I used to read much more of it. Now I never seem to have the time.

I can't wait until the kids are older so we can travel more. There are so many places to visit!
M Pax said…
Poetry is wonderful. It'd be hard to pick a single Keats. You picked wonderful selections.

Ah, to walk around like Anne Shirley. That'd be sublime.
Anonymous said…
I love your happy 5 list.

Keats brings me back to my college years of studying literature.
Lara Lacombe said…
Great list--I needed to hear #2 right now! :)
J.L. Murphey said…
Love Keats! Great list!
Denise Covey said…
Hi Deniz. I'm always happy when I'm outdoors walking or indoors writing or reading or cooking. All happy for me!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Deniz,

Love Keats....

Enjoyed your happy thoughts. I agree. Get out and travel. Admire God's beauty in nature. ANd Definitely eat more fruit! LOL

I hope all is well!
Misha Gericke said…
I also read Anne of Green Gables recently. Loved how she loves the beauty around her.

Keats is one of my favorite poets.

Nas said…
Love your list!

And I like reading poetry too. Fruits are always good.

All the best Deniz!
Deniz Bevan said…
I've got grapes and plums today, Alex!

I like people watching at airports too, cat!

Hope you got lots of reading time in, Hilary :-)

I'd like to read more too, Sara. It was so much fun reading Stephen Fry's book on poetry. Maybe I'll pick up another anthology of my favourites.

Thanks M and Medeia and Lara and Jo and Denise and Nas!

Hope all is well in your world too, Michael!

Me too, Misha. I can't believe I haven't visited PEI yet!

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