ROW80 Check in, Badges, and Links to Some Great Blogs!

Link happy!

I was catching up on a lot of blog comments this past week (and still have a few more blogs to visit!) so I thought I'd share with you a few of the interesting, intriguing, exciting blogs I've been dropping by:

Carol's got two great craft-related posts, one on Writing Sequences of Events, and the other on Ordering Your Words

In other craft posts, Jo Bourne had a great one recently on setting and the city a story is based in

Forgotten Bookmarks features just that - the cards, leaves, recipes, photographs, notes, poems, etc. that people have left behind in books over the years. Plus she has a giveaway of a vintage books collection every Friday!

Nathan Bransford asks whether you'd like to be a full time writer or keep your day job.

Sara and Lara and ZanMarie shared some lovely photos of the southern snowstorms!

Margo's got a great list of Reasons Why I Love Being a Book Reader/Blogger - I agree with them all!

Ayak at Ayak's Turkish Delight has been recently blogging about her efforts to rescue and treat stray dogs in Turkey

I'm echoing something Alex posted today:
"Our good friend Roland Yeomans is undergoing surgery today for cancer. Please keep him in your prayers this week. Since Roland is also struggling with the funds for this surgery, Sean McLachlan suggested a Buy-A-Thon for his books. I've read several of Roland's books and highly recommend following the adventures of one Victor Standish. Visit Roland's author page on Amazon to see a complete listing of his eBooks and audio books. If you've never read any of Roland's work, now is a great time to do so!"
On the writing front, Jemi, and Victoria J. Coe while visiting Theresa's blog, have been talking about the writing process and how it can feel s l o w at times (but there's hope!)

Sam Sykes has an intriguing discussion about fantasy books being given non-traditional-fantasy covers in a possible attempt to lure different readers

An intriguing new faith-centred blog, Ragged Stranger! And two similar blogs, one centred on Tolkien: Liturgiae Causa, and one that sometimes features Tolkien-related essays: Ironical Coincidings

A hug from Michael! He recently sent me some yummy coffee beans:


Have you read Linda Grimes' novels about the adventures of Ciel Halligan? What are you waiting for? And, say, her blog is full of camels!

And Claire's got a round up of World War I related events and items to follow (link added by me):
"Centenary commemorations are rolling out all over the world in 2014, and the incredible volume of information, the sheer number of projects underway, and the massive quantity of time, emotion and research being contributed is just overwhelming.
I'd love to list off all the many things that are going on, but I can hardly keep up with them. If you're not already on Twitter, I'd strongly recommend joining up there and jumping into the conversation, because it's all happening. Here are just a few of the things I've been involved in recently, big and small."
Sheri's drawn up a Writer's Creed!

"All you have to do is add your name and link to the linky list HERE and snatch the CREED badge.
Post it wherever you know you'll need a reminder of support and encouragement to keep on writing."

In other badge news, Nicole's created a badge for those of us who are her minions for the A-Z Challenge!

I actually have a theme idea, but it's all dependent on factors outside of my control. If certain events come to pass, I'll have a great theme!

...and the winner of Hélène Boudreau's Real Mermaids Don't Sell Seashells...according to the random number Jack! Please email me, Jack!

ROW80 is progressing slowly. I've gotten a gift certificate for our local bookstore so I get to splurge on some Canadian literary magazines!

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to wrap my head around this:

Neil Gaiman as Badger, from The Wind in the Willows:

It doesn't even look like Neil!

I'd love to attend this exhibition!

Which intriguing blogs have you visited lately?
Will you be joining us for the A-Z Challenge? Got a theme yet?


Your Minion badge rocks!
Thanks for mentioning Roland. Between prayers and book purchases, I hope we make a difference.
And yes, I want to keep my day job. Too much pressure if I was a full time author!
Zan Marie said…
Thanks for the link to my blog, Deniz! And the one to the Writer's Credo. I need that one.
M Pax said…
A nice recap of things going on around the web. I work hard for my peanuts, but I love this author job stuff.
Hi Deniz - I feel for Roland and hope his surgery has gone successfully .. I must check which books of his I haven't bought ...

Lots of links here .. and the Minion badge - good news.

Loved finding out about the Oxford story museum - I've subscribed and hope I'll be able to get up to see it ... and do a couple of other things in and around the Oxford area ..

Cheers Hilary
Glynis said…
Gosh, what a great post of links for me to find. Thanks, Deniz!
S.P. Bowers said…
Thanks for linking to me, and No, No, no, no, A-Z challenge for me.
Anonymous said…
I love that you've included so many helpful links. Wow! Looks like I have some exploring to do. All the best with your goals for the rest of the week.
Jemi Fraser said…
Thanks for including me among all these great links! So much good stuff!!

Sending all my best wishes for Roland! Off to buy a book or 2!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the links. Yay for receiving coffee and I love the creed.
Leslie S. Rose said…
Thanks for the links. I'm trying to jump back into the blogosphere and you've given me a great lauch pad. I'm still waiting for an A to Z theme to knock on my noggin.
Lara Lacombe said…
Thanks for linking to me! :)

I will be doing A to Z this year, and I'm still thinking about my theme... We'll see!
Tara said…
March-May are my busiest months. Every year I think about signing up for A to Z but I know I just wouldn't make it work. I love reading them, though!
Denise Covey said…
Too many intriguing blogs to mention. Thanks for the heads up on the blogs you liked. All the best preparing for the A-Z. The badge is cool!
Liz Blocker said…
Oh man, I thought I was almost caught up on my blog-reading - now I have so many more great ones to visit!! LOL. I'm glad for the recs, even if my free time isn't ;)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks so much everyone!
I can't wait to share my AtoZ theme with you all - I hope it works out. We'll see!

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