Quick Update, End of ROW80, and Magical Cookies

Quick update, especially since I missed posting on Wednesday.

Lots of Real Life going on, which I hope will all be revealed during the AtoZ Challenge!

This has meant that I missed doing anything constructive for the last week of ROW80. Hope all you other participants got lots of words in!

I did take time to continue rereading the seventh book in the History of Middle Earth for...

Tolkien Reading Day!

I also learned a new phrase.

Whether you're a pantster or a plotter, there are always scenes in the novel that get you really excited to write them. The ones that fill your head and make you want to start scribbling/typing Right This Second.

You know those? I never had a good term for them before, but now Kait Nolan's given us a great one:

Magical Cookies!

She links to a post by Susan Dennard, who "argues that every scene should be a magical cookie, and there's a lot of sense in this. If you're super excited to write every scene, they'll go smother, be richer, and your enthusiasm will come through to your reader. This is, in fact, one of the three legs of Rachel Aaron's work triangle as laid out in From 2k to 10k. And yo, IT WORKS." Head over to Kait's for the links!

Got a new Whisky Trench Riders song to share with you all!

Do you write stories around magical cookie scenes?

What's your favourite song at the moment?

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