Self-Lovin' Bloghop, ROW80, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Gimme some lovin'!

Self-lovin', that is!

Tara's hosting the Self-Lovin' Bloghop, which asks participants to give themselves a pat on the back for something they're good at:
"I wanted to know what you're good at. I started it from a writing standpoint, but it doesn't have to be inclusive to only writers. I have some (amazingly talented) photographers who follow, some (fabulous) artists, assorted various others, and some great friends.

It's too easy to be hard on yourself, and sadly difficult to pat your own back. That's what today is about. Or the whole week. ... It can be as long or short as you like. And if you haven't signed up but are interested, please do. I'd love to come to your place and read about your greatest talent."

This might not come as a surprise to some of you, but my strength lies in copy-editing. I can spot a missing apostrophe or a misplaced comma from a mile away. I've been known to deface train signs, even. How could I not? The sign read "emergency break" instead of brake - what if there was an emergency and people broke the brake instead of pulling it? [giggle]

Another time, when I was working for a magazine, some furniture company sent in an ad about their latest line, which was named after Hemingway - only they spelled the author's name wrong! I called them right away to tell them and the person on the phone wasn't interested at all, asking me if I was sure, and so on, because of course it would take more money and work to fix it. I insisted, and finally they pulled it and sent in a revised version.

Sadly, a typo or glitch can also pull me right out of a story I'm enjoying.

Speaking of copy editing, and editing in general, which I'm lucky enough to do at my day job as well, I have some news about my A to Z Challenge theme. I'm going to be posting about...

Nope. I'll wait. I can't reveal it all yet, until some Real Life tasks have been finalised. Sorry for the tease!

Those Real Life things have also made me slow on ROW80. Two check ins left to go in this round, and I haven't accomplished much in the way of writing. Unless dreams count. In the past few weeks I've had three wonderful story ideas from dreams, one in Westlake style, one a dystopian, and one romance. Can't wait to explore them!

2014 is the 50th Anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

In honour of this occasion, I have made you all a splendiferous postcard, using the tools on the official Roald Dahl website:

Hope you'll spread the self-lovin'!

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