K is for... PanoramiK Photos

K is for PanoramiK Photos! Yes, I'm fudging this letter a bit, too.

View from near the Quai des Paquis, with the Jet d'eau and hotels on the right

View from near the Quai des Paquis, looking across to the Alps (Mont Blanc hidden by clouds)

View from the North Tower of the Saint Pierre Cathedral

View from Nyon Castle, looking across to France!


Beautiful photos...and it's okay to fudge a bit. ;)

D.B. McNicol
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I think those who "fudge a bit" deserve extra credit for ingenuity.

Maybe especially when they've just shifted continents! =)

I love sharing a bit in your exploration of your new home!
Gwen Gardner said…
Fudging's okay, LOL. Love the pics and loved France when I got to visit. http://untetheredrealms.blogspot.com
This year, I am fudging the letter X. There is no rule against it! I love panoramik views and just figured out how to make some of my pictures look like panoramik views with my print program.
Miss Andi said…
Beautiful pictures! You're so lucky to get to those places, I'm sure it was a great experience to be able to take those photos, well done!
And you know what, I might take to fudging, too :)
Andrea, your fellow #atozchallenge Mighty Minion Asset :)
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Those are cool. Panorama shots capture so much more. Like it grounds the location.
Denise Covey said…
You are good at fudging! Love that my camera takes awesome panoramiKs.
Leslie S. Rose said…
I just learned how to use this on my iPhone. I LOVE it. Got a great shot of Malibu CA and a huge mural in a museum. Your pix are gorgeous.
Trisha F said…
Those are awesome photos. I've never had a camera that could do these, but I look forward to having one someday. :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone! It's definitely a fun camera feature to use!

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