X is for... Cliches

X is for cliches. I'm not sure why the letter X made me think of the word cliche, but I've got one heck of a cliche for you:

Chocolates from Switzerland!

And if you don't like or can't have chocolate, how about some cheese?

And if you don't like or can't have cheese... I'm sure there's a cold drink of some sort I can offer you!


I'll take some cheese with my wine...
klahanie said…
Swiss chocolate, most definitely better than that glorified wax they sell as chocolate in North America.

Even the holes in Swiss cheese has more flavour than most North American cheese. Yes cheese, to Swiss cheese.

Gary :)
mooderino said…
For some reason they always sell giant toblerone at airports. Never been able to figure out why.

Moody Writing
Zan Marie said…
Make mine any of the above! ;-)
Unknown said…
Chocolate and cheese? Sign me up! :)
Trisha said…
I do love cheese, but try to avoid it (and all dairy) nowadays to save my tummy from getting upset. :)

Dark chocolate, though, doesn't do me any harm. ;)
Anonymous said…
Hmmmm - cheese! I love fondue and raclette (never know if they're French or Swiss). Tartiflette I think is French though.

Now I'm going ot have to go and eat a piece of cheese, it's all I can think about!
Deniz Bevan said…
Sending some virtual versions to all of you!