Y is for... Wish You Were Here

Y is for wish You were here!

I'd love to be able to host a writers' retreat (like Jessica Bell's awesome Homeric retreat in Greece coming up in August) or some other blog-y get together here in Geneva, but as it's not possible at the moment, I've got a prompt for you all!

The instructions go like this: "In Fortunately, the Milk by master storyteller Neil Gaiman, things get rather odd on a father's trip to buy milk for his children. He soon finds himself transported through time and space on an extraordinary adventure where the fate of the universe depends on him, a time-traveling Stegosaurus (in a hot air balloon), and, fortunately, the milk. Some may call this a "tall tale" in which someone tells an exaggerated story to keep an audience's interest. Whether you believe the father or not, use the story as inspiration to write your own tall tale in the space below. Let your imagination run wild, and be sure to make it as detailed as possible so that it is all the more convincing. Then create an illustration to bring your story to life."

Use it to begin a tall tale or an illustration or anything you'd like!

You can find the original on the Mouse Circus Neil Gaiman site.

In other news, I think Irvine Welsh is going to be attending the Geneva International Book Fair this weekend! Stay tuned for further developments...


Maybe some day you can host your own.
Zan Marie said…
Tall Tales? Not me, no. ;-)
stu said…
I might actually try the prompt when I get a moment.
Stephanie Faris said…
I'd love a retreat...money and time is always a challenge, though! I live in Nashville, so nobody wants a retreat here.
Lara Lacombe said…
Have fun at the book fair! :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Really, Stephanie? I can't imagine why not. I love Nashville!

Maybe I *should* try to host a retreat here sometime...

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