Z is for... Zzzzzzz (and the Whisky Trench Riders)

Z is for zzzzzzz...

We've reached the end of the A to Z Challenge! Congratulations to all the participants; I think we all deserve a long nap, like the kitty in the drop cap.

I shouldn't, though - I've got ROW80 goals to live up to! I'm still hoping to do a full day's writing marathon, and there are some great Ask Me Anything questions over at the Forum that I can use on my characters.

Of course, it's not over till its over. I've got lots of blog visits to make and so many lovely comments to reply to! Thanks to everyone who came by.

I don't quite miss Canada yet -- but I'm happy to promote it whenever I can! I hope you enjoy my latest YouTube playlist, featuring an awesome Canadian band:

Now it's naptime!


Anonymous said…
Congrats on successfully completing the A to Z blogging challenge. Best of luck with your ROW80 goals!
I know that band!
Ready for my nap now.
Congratulations on completing the Challenge!
M Pax said…
A trench of whiskey would put one out for awhile. :) Congrats on getting to z.
Yes, don't forget us at ROW80, there's always another challenge to keep you writing. (I published my 9120's romance on Monday, took Tuesday off, and started my new chick lit yesterday. So much writing, so little time.)
Zan Marie said…
congrats for completing A to Z. Now get some ZZZZZ's.
Well done for reaching the end of the challenge in style!
Lara Lacombe said…
You made it! Now get some rest! :)
Misha Gericke said…
Congrats on finishing the challenge. You totally deserve that nap. :-D
Corinne Vail said…
I agree...Sunday naptime! No really, loved it!
Jemi Fraser said…
Enjoy a well deserved nap or three! That's a good song :)
Congrats on completing A_Z , and I hope you get your writing marathon in--that sounds like an awesome day :)
klahanie said…
Hi Deniz,

There are times, eh, that my human misses Canada. Your video has given him a warm reminder.

Congrats on completing the alternative to my challenge. A to Z, RIP :)

Pawsitive wishes,

Penny, the cordial host of the Alphabark Challenge, 2014! :)
Leslie S. Rose said…
Doing the wave for the end of the A to Z. Congrats on the finish line. It's been fun getting to know you. Writing marathon - good!
Hi Deniz .. I don't know the band - but it's good to listen to them as I comment ..

I guess you're at the Geneva Book Fair .. enjoy .. and congratulations on finishing the A-Z ... and I can't see you napping?!

Please tell me my Y post .. and the Susan Cooper sea and beach connotation - ???!!! I can't see it at all .. but then I definitely have my moments!!

Cheers and gosh we have a bank holiday here .. so you're back working I guess ... enjoy Geneva in the Spring and summer - wonderful and yes a blog-gathering would be fun .. per Jess' Homeric retreat ... sometime I hope .. Hilary
Congrats on making it through A to Z!
Anonymous said…
Congrats. I hope you're getting plenty of rest.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks everyone! And look! It's June and I'm finally caught up on A-Z commenting! Now to get to the May comments, and then I can start doing my regular rounds again. Whew!

Hilary, I emailed you, right? It was something in Susan Cooper's The Grey King, a riddle that the main character had to solve. I think it referred to the fact that wood from a beech tree isn't a good one for shipbuilding, I guess because it doesn't repel water...

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