Medeia's Cover Reveal, a Snip, ROW80, and Wishing I Were at Surrey

Cover reveal! Very excited to be featuring Medeia Sharif today:

YA Contemporary, Prizm Books
Release Date December 10, 2014

Deidra Battle wants nothing more than to be invisible. After her mother, a public school teacher, engages in an embarrassing teacher-student affair at Lincoln High, they relocate to a different neighborhood and school. Being her mother’s briefcase, Deidra joins her mother at her new workplace, Hodge High.

Since her mother has reverted to her maiden name and changed her appearance, Deidra thinks no one will figure out they’re the Battles from recent news and that they’re safe. Neither of them is. Hodge brings a fresh set of bullies who discover details about the scandal that changed her life.

Feeling trapped at home with an emotionally abusive, pill-addicted mother and at school with hostile classmates who attempt to assault and blackmail her, Deidra yearns for freedom, even if she has to act out of character and hurt others in the process. Freedom comes at a price.

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I've also got the promised longer snip from my paranormal romance, Druid's Moon:

From the moment she'd been accepted to join Professor J. Ronald's team on his much-publicised dig near Afanc Cave in Cornwall, Lyne Vanlith had secretly hoped for an exciting, mysterious find that might earn her a co-writing credit on the Professor's paper. But the manuscript that turned up in the first week of excavations was not quite the type of puzzle she had allowed herself to daydream about.
"'The Curse of the Octopus,'" she read out loud, translating the Middle English script as she went. Octopus?
A sudden gust of wind shook the printout in her hand. She'd taken high-resolution images of the original vellum and put off her other assigned tasks that afternoon to linger in the cave entrance, where they'd set up their makeshift office and storeroom, and work on a translation of the text. She held the paper closer and reread the first line in the grey afternoon light filtering through from outside.
The Professor gave her one of his trademark try-harder-lowly-student looks from over the top of his glasses. She'd rather not consult the dictionary -- or ask his advice -- so soon, though, and moved on to the next two lines.
"Beast brought forth by man's blood / the mound-keeper repays the sacrifice, but shall sense the wind."
A thrill went through her at the words. There was violence inherent in their tone, even if she had no idea what the phrases could mean. Images came to her mind, of warriors raising a cairn, robed men circling a low mound, a gleam of yellow eyes in the dark under the ground. The breeze came again, fluttering the corners of the paper.
She'd been continuing her excavations near the well at the far end, closest to the wall dividing them from the Cockerell Manor gardens, when she'd uncovered the crumbling manuscript, suspiciously close to the surface. Both she and the Professor had been baffled by the lack of other objects, whether at a shallow level or even a few tiers down -- not even so much as a lead case that might have held the lone sheet of vellum.
Those are the first 25 lines, but the first five pages are up on the Forum right now for the third part of the October writers' exercise. Let's say that participation in the exercise counts as part of my ROW80 goals for this week because I've really procrastinated on typing up Larksong. I did go through my notes for the NaNo story -- "notes" refers to scribbled bits of dreams and ideas from the past couple of years -- and learned that the male protagonist's name is Peter. Now I need to find out what the female protagonist's name is...

I wanted to say thank you all over again to everyone who came by during the Blog Blitz! Still slowly working my way through blog visits. And have you visited Dan Koboldt lately? He's the winner of this year's WRiTE Club. I had a great time volunteering as one of the preliminary judges this year - I'll bet next year's event will be even bigger!

And now, please join me in a toast...raise a glass or a bar of chocolate or a wedge of all of those at Surrey and to all of us who wish we were there but are participating in spirit.

Many other authors are presenting, too, of course. Have you ever had a one-on-one with an author or agent? I've always wanted to try one of those "blue pencil" sessions where they go through a part of your manuscript.

My other wish for this week is a very happy birthday to Lenny!


Hi Denise ... I love Medeia's cover, the thought the setting is in Cornwall appeals as that's my 'home county' ...

We had a good day for Lenny .. and missing out on Surrey's Writers' Conference - presumably Canada .. seems a pity, but Geneva is way way away!

Cheers Hilary
Medeia, I'm excited about your book release.

Deniz, thanks for sharing a snippet. "The Curse of the Octopous" part made me laugh. But you changed the tone quickly!
It's a cool cover, Medeia!
Zan Marie said…
I love your first 25 lines! And I wish I were at Surrey, too.
Anonymous said…
Great manuscript title, and thank you for sharing my cover.

A blog blitz is a nice surprise.
I especially like the line where the professor "gave her one of his trademark try-harder-lowly-student looks"; I must confess that I've had that look in my eye more than once. :) And I think that Deidra's story is also relevant, not to my own experience, but to what's happening in the news today. That is, I've read several stories about teachers who've had affairs with their students.
Misha Gericke said…
Love that cover. Congrats, Medeia. :-)
The cover is great!
Multi-purpose check-in ... I love it.
Good to know that ROW80 recognizes that we have a life. Success in any area = well, success. GFY!
I hope Peter's counterpart gets a name soon. No Name doesn't really work.
Have a good one!
dolorah said…
I'm always willing to raise a glass for well earned praise. Both these sound interesting.
Romance Reader said…
I love Medeia's cover...its eye-catching! Congrats Medeia!
Romance Reader said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone!

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