Y is for FairY Tales or Not-Young Books

Y is for fairY tales...

For this year's A to Z I'm featuring books I've read based on the Reading Challenge.

Today's book is a book more than 100 years old.

I have a few such books in our library, but most are in storage! I thought it might be fun to talk about fairy tales instead.

Here are a few of my favourite authors:

Hans Christian Andersen

My favourite story: The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf

Andrew Lang

The coloured fairy books! (sorry, upside down again)
I happily own all of them, but could only bring one with us, unfortunately.

My favourite story: from the Nursery Rhyme book, Ken Ye the Rhyme to Porringer? (because of the Gaiman Tolkien connection!)

The Brothers Grimm

My favourite story: The Six Swans

Charles Perrault

My favourite story: Puss in Boots

There're also Walter de la Mare, Eleanor Farjeon, Edward Lear, and many other authors.

ROW80 in brief!: I have a couple of days off work coming up. And so many exciting A to Z blog posts to catch up on!

Which fairy tales do you love?


Misha Gericke said…
I also like The Six Swans. :-)
Fairy Tales... Probably Puss in Boots.
Shell Flower said…
I wish I had found your blog sooner on the challenge. My favorite fairy tale is Sweet Porridge. I'll have to check out your other posts. Happy Z!
J Lenni Dorner said…
Stopping by from the #atozchallenge 2015! Don't forget our after party. The Reflections Linky List will open on Monday May 4th.
Great post. I <3 Puss in Boots! I'm following you on your listed social media sites.
J @JLenniDorner
Hi Deniz - I used to read all the Andrew Lang fairy tale books and loved them with their pictures. And Charles Kingsley 'Water Babies' ..

Emily looks a delight ... cheers Hilary
Setting aside time exclusively to write is fantastic. All the very best. Fave fairy tale ... hmm, it's hard to say. I find the originals pretty intense. I'm more a Disney version kind of person. I do admit that I like the TV series "Grimm." :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks all! I'll follow you back, J :-)
Click said…
I've been meaning to read the Andrew Lang fairy tale books for years. I love your collection, they look beautiful. :-)

Cait @ Click's Clan
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks! Those Folio Society editions are lovely.

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