End of NaNo for IWSG Day, and Snow in the Village

Congratulations to everyone that's completed NaNoWriMo!

Today being Insecure Writer's Support Group Day, I wouldn't want anyone to feel badly; congratulations to those that started NaNo, to those that worked on other projects, to those that survived the month!

We're heading into the time of end-of-year wrap ups and looks back to previously set goals and so on. I hope to put together my annual Books Read post soon. Sometimes it's nice to feel slow. We're always measuring our tasks and words and days; every once in a while it's nice to look back without weighing up the value of projects, or to work on something specific without thought of a deadline.

Or so I try to remind myself on days when I feel as though there aren't enough hours.

I started NaNoWriMo with a bang, but it became difficult as the days went on, mostly because I only had two 20-minute snatches to write in during the day; just when I got some momentum, the train pulled in to the station.

But I did it!

My ROW80 goals for this round have been all over the place. First I was knitting, then NaNoing. I've got some notes and those five pages of Larksong still to type, Druid's Moon notes to check and editing to do, last year's NaNo story to type up, and this year's NaNo needs finishing (plus I should try to finish my CampNaNo story from July as well).

It's tempting to put all that off to January and focus on reading and knitting for a while again. There's a Worldwide Readathon of The Dark is Rising that's started this week; perfect time for a reread. As soon as I finish my annual reread of The Lord of the Rings -- there's always something new to discover!

Snow in the village!

Are you resetting your goals, working in December, or cocooning and waiting for January?


Congratulations on defeating NaNo!
I envy your snow. We're finally getting cold but no snow. Mini-Alex is grateful for his scarf though.
dolorah said…
I'm basking in laziness this month - well have been for a couple months - but I'm forcing myself to set a 2016 goal of writing 100 words a day - not counting blogging or book reviewing. That should be easy for me. And allow lots of reading time, which I've missed doing for a while.

Congrats on completing NaNo; its not something I've ever participated in. Maybe some day.
Hi Deniz - congratulations on finishing NaNo .. you do so much - well done! Good luck on whatever you decide to do for December - it'll be rewarding whichever route you take. I saw it was cold in Switzerland ... as one of the reproters had very cold breath around him - reporting on the dreaded football saga! Thankfully it's still warm here ... though it's cold up north. Cheers Hilary
Misha Gericke said…
Congrats on the win!

At the moment, I can't decide if I'm just going to wait for January, or actually try and get some work done.

It's a bit difficult for me right now, since I'm adjusting to a new job and it's still tiring me out more than I'm used to.
Deniz Bevan said…
Hope Mini-Alex gets some snowsoon! I love how pretty ours is -- especially because it melts! It's nice to be away from the freezing cold...

I like that. 100 words a day. It sounds so nice and do-able. I should try it, to see if it helps me get back into writing poetry...

Thanks Hilary! It's gotten colder the last couple of days. But it's fun watching the different weather on the lake -- cold and fox and wind...

Congratulations on the new job Misha! That sounds like a good reason to be otherwise lazy :-)
December is a cold month and it would be good idea to relax and enjoy.

Best wishes
Deniz Bevan said…
I think so, too, Joseph!
Congratulations on your NaNoMo triumph. Envy for your snow. We are lurching (fast) into the sweaty season.
I love THE DARK IS RISING. It is one of the series I reread most years.
DMS said…
Congrats! I have wanted to try NaNo the past few years, but November is often a busy time at my day job, so it hasn't worked out. Maybe next year! The snow looks pretty- but I am not ready for it to come here yet. :)
S.P. Bowers said…
Ooo, I always look forward to your books read posts. Can't wait to see it. I didn't read near as much this year. Crazy busy year.
Congrats on winning NaNo!
NaNoNites are brave! I've never done it. Maybe one day...

That snow looks lovely...but too cold for me. I'm spoilt by a subtropical climate. Balmy weather all year round.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks, all! Funny, we haven't had snow since then. Lots and lots of mysterious and intriguing fog and mists...

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