Insecure Writer's Support Group Day and A Wee Zoo

Zounds! It's Insecure Writer's Support Group Day again!

And the A to Z Challenge is fast approaching -- the theme reveal blogfest is in three weeks.

And the first round of ROW80 for this year will end about that time. Especially because of my theme for A to Z this year (suspense!), I've been reading and rereading books on a certain topic and era -- probably not near enough, but then, I'm still pushing my way through the goal of reading all the books we already own. This has, by necessity, been slightly modified to Books We Already Own That I B(r)ought (in) and Have Been Meaning To Read.

This is because every few days I look at the bookshelves and keep seeing the piles of books that I haven't read, and some were gifts, and some were free books from library cast-offs and others are books by authors I like but that I never really intended to read (at least not until my current interests run their course) and so on. And some are all in one pile: the Agatha Christie pile. I go on Christie binges every once in a while, and there are still some books by her that I've never read! I reread a lot of my favourites. That's why she doesn't quite count for ROW80 purposes, since there isn't much doubt that I'll eventually read those books.

And yet, despite knocking off all these other categories, in an effort to feel like I'm getting somewhere, there are still about 50 books to read...

And the Library in English is having its spring sale (end of April)! And we've got to get estimates on shipping our books here (from storage)! And I need so many hours to arrange and sort them all (if they get here; shipping might cost more than we can afford)! And I'm starting to feel guilty for reading and not writing!

But at least, I'm having a good time... (The tone of these last few sentences is a kind of sing along to Amanda Palmer's newest song, A Mother's Confession.)

Coming back round to IWSG. I'm trying to think of something supportive and uplifting to say. We love our stories and feel the need to write, but sometimes the mass of stories out there and the weight of all the brilliant tales that have already been written gets you down. You think, I could never be that good, so my stories are just kind of in the middle, floating along, geting lost in time, until -- if they're ever even published -- they'll end up as a few mouldering paperbacks in a basement book sale somewhere.

Except -- if everyone who wrote thought that way all the time, the best stories would never have been written. Nothing to do but keep going, keep writing, and tell the best story we can.

I have got to get back to typing up the last of those handwritten drafts! And move on to editing...

Meanwhile, back in autumn, we took a few drives up and down the coast of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) near our village, and also visited a wee zoo...

Autumn clouds covering the lake:

The sun tries to peak through:

La Garenne zoo has recently expanded after 50 years into brand new facilities (the new buildings open this month). It's a small zoo that focuses on local animals, as well as conservation and on caring for injured animals. We visited just before the old facilities were closed in preparation for the big move.

The wolf enclosure was rather small -- I think it's been greatly expanded in the new facilities (many of the animals at this zoo are either rescued or born in captivity).
The wolves were having a, shall we say, disagreement, while we were there, perhaps having to do with dividing up that carcass in the middle photo.
Their spray and scent marking smelled very very strong. I think reeked is the word I'm looking for...

I love the call of these birds. I'm still never sure if they're called turtledoves or mourning doves...

Cool vulture shadow!

Looking forward to finding out everyone's A to Z themes -- and hearing from those not participating!
There are always a few, and I must say, even in the midst of enjoying A to Z, I find it relaxing to visit their blogs.
Are you an A to Zer? Which other blogfests do you enjoy?

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