F is for Adam Fox (A to Z on Tolkien and the Inklings)

F is for Adam Fox, Fellow, Professor, and a Canon of Westminster Abbey. Tolkien described him in a letter as one of the "member of our literary club of practising poets".

Besides, that, though, I don't really know much about him, and haven't yet read any of his poems (or other works).

I'm going to break the A to Z, therefore, to post a little memorial. I'd like to write a proper eulogy, but my emotions are still too raw for that. Instead, I'll collate a few photos.

Frodo, RIP, 22 September 2003-1 April 2016


sage said…
I am sorry about the death of your cat. It hurts when we lose our pets.
Jess said…
I'm so sorry about your cat. I love my dog so much, I'll be so sad when I lose him. *Hugs*
Deniz... so, so very many, many hugs. There never are enough words, but... many hugs and much love.

Anonymous said…
Without the #Challenge I wouldn't have found you. LOVE the theme. I'm in....now FOLLOWING. If you have time or interest in historic hotels and inns, join me for some arm chair travel. Looking forward to being along on your ride.
Lara Lacombe said…
I'm so sorry for your loss. Cats are such a special part of the family! (((hugs)))
Dear Deniz - so sorry to read this ... but how fabulous Emily had time with Frodo ... happy memories for later on. My thoughts and can understand you wanting your own space ... all the best ... Hilary
alberta ross said…
all sympathy - lost Older Cat myself last year - it hurts - take care
Deniz Bevan said…
Aww, thanks all. Still finding it difficult. I keep thinking I see him turning a corner of the house...

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