Prangins (Photos 4/4)

Prangins museum is one of the national museums of Switzerland, featuring historical artefacts all in the grounds of a restored chateau.

We visited back in the summer, and I'm hoping to return in spring, to see more of the gardens, as they feature many heirloom varieties of herbs and vegetables.

Slowly learning the names of trees in French and German...

Reproduction of a general store

Cards! I wonder what game this is set up for?

View over the lake

Modern view over the lake

Reproduction of records from hundreds of years ago, of people, purchases, events, all to do with the Chateau and the family that owned it

Old map of Lac Leman region

Now this looks like an interesting read...

I know this last one is hard to read -- it's a composite (what's the real word?) of famous Swiss people throughout history. So many names and stories to learn about! 

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo! Hoping to have a full post next week of my progress, and maybe a snip or two...

If you've been writing, I hope you've had a great month!


Crystal Collier said…
I hope you're killing it with NaNo! Love these pictures. They set my imagination on fire and I'm tempted to run away and write instead of visiting friends.
Deniz Bevan said…
I'm always tempted to write when it comes to first drafts! Editing... that's trickier. NaNo's been great fun!
sage said…
The photo of your daughter walking away is precious! I haven't had time to do NaNo. November is always a busy month for me.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thank you!
Somehow I can always carve time for a new draft. Editing takes actual work, though...
You visited some cool old houses.
Hope you've had a productive writing month!
S.P. Bowers said…
You always take the best trips.
Olivia Rose said…
Hi Deniz,

I'm so envious! Love these photos and your awesome trips!
Zan Marie said…
Love these! Especially that perfect silhouette!
Hi Deniz - I'd love to visit with you and see the vegetables in the Spring - it looks just amazing. What a great town, museum and castle ... gorgeous .. cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Wish you could all visit!

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