Hodge Podge! Character Faces and Knitting

Hodge podge today!

I'm in the calm before the storm, before work gets really busy for the rest of the year (!), not to mention various non-work projects I've signed up for...

I have this summer to finish editing one novel, and then I might have to turn to other things in the autumn. Meanwhile, I'm behind-hand in blog comments!

But I did find the photos I mentioned in my previous post, of Ayşe and Hakan from the short story At Summer's End that I'm currently editing for submission! That's still my ROW80 goal and work-in-progress for the next couple of weeks.

I'm also editing The Charm of Time, but slowly. There are a few big scenes that still need to be written for that novel.

The photos are screenshots taken from advertising -- I always feel badly for these models who, half the time, never get their names mentioned in an ad. Neither do the photographers. Such a shame!



Meanwhile, I'm cross-posting to my knitting blog, because I have a wee update!

World Wide Knit in Public Day is coming up on 10 June!

I haven't knit anything in a couple of months, but have a couple of quick projects -- headband! hat! -- that I might even be able to finish in a day.

Here are the two small projects I finished a couple of months ago:

Look! I signed up for my second-ever Future Learn course!

And now I'm off to catch up on an online French correspondence class I signed up for -- wish me bonne chance!

Are you taking any classes at the moment?
What do you think about online courses?


The Happy Whisk said…
Here's to your summer of editing!

I am amazed at all the things you manage to keep up with. Good luck on the short story. I'm looking forward to reading it.
Fallon Brown said…
Good luck with your editing! And those two knitting projects look great! I'm taking the summer off from knitting or crocheting. It gets too hot for me to handle yarn.
Hi Deniz - you are always busy - adding in another major project at work this year ... let alone all the other things you do - writing, editing, knitting and now French - do they do Cornish?! I've often looked at their courses - but seem not to get there ... cheers for now - Hilary
Nas said…
Awesome Deniz! This is the time to be busy. I'm off to Paris tomorrow, but have no French in my vocabulary!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks all! I don't usually feel *too* busy since I drop one project while working on others. I actually haven't read a single novel this past week (only board books!), since I've done a lot more of my own editing. It feels very weird not to read...

Good luck, Nas, hope you have a great trip!

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