Jaunt Round the Blogosphere II!

Gone fishing...

Or, more accurately, I'm wading in school work and a bit of my own writing (how's that for a mini-ROW80 update?).

This week, then, I leave you with links!

I've done this a few times before: my most recent jaunt round the blogosphere was in July, and my post for the letter G during the A to Z Blogging Challenge collated all the previous jaunts!

Lots of intriguing blog posts by fellow bloggers, a few of which I list here:

Tammy, on a struggle that's all too familiar: querying

Adam has a new job!

Carol has a new book!

Inky Fool also has a new book, on the history of drunkenness. My wishlist knows no bounds...

Other bloggers to visit:

Tara (and don't forget to vote in the sex scene championships!)

Two Jos:

And don't miss author Margaret Buffie's wonderful lakeside photos!

Here's a screenshot to entice you:

Which bloggers are you visiting this week?

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