Photos from a Trip to Thun, and NaNoWriMo


I'm all out of brain power -- and so far behind in visiting other blogs! -- in the last two weeks of school.

Not to mention that NaNo is going strong. I'm juggling the pacing of the end of the story at the moment, trying to save myself a lot of rewriting later. Although I've left a trail of too many "insert this scene" and "figure out this murder plot" notes behind me. No one ever said that planning a murder investigation was easy!

Hope you enjoy these photos of a recent weekend visit to Thun, a town near Interlaken in Switzerland:

 Thun marketplace

 Signposts! Showing the distances to Rome, London, and many other places

 Interesting mural on the steps up to the castle

 View from the hotel room!

 Paintings inside the church on castle hill

 Church and castle

 Views over Lake Thun from castle hill

 16th century house on castle hill

 Playing in autumn leaves!

 European street with interesting humped mountain in the background

 Train station

 Returning to our lake, Lac Leman


NaNoWriMo writing spot! The Auberge Guillaume Tell in a nearby village

Are you writing for NaNo?
Have you snapped any sunrise or sunset photos lately?

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