Year-End Knitting Round Up, ROW80, and Winter Photos

Knitting round-up for year's end!

Last year my goals were to knit some wee hats and booties to go with the baby blankets I'd made.

I never actually did this. My other goals were:

"1. Finish knitting three more cowls
2. Think about buying expensive wool to make, slowly, methodically, and properly, a gorgeous design by Kate Davies
3. Organise all our photos and print a few, especially for our grandparents
4. Bake more!"

Number 1 never happened. I still dream about number 2. I sort of did number 3, especially as I didn't mean "our" grandparents, I meant our daughter's grandparents. I made two photobooks, but it's already time for the next one. Number 4 sort of happened, except that I haven't really tried any new recipes, but stuck to old favourites.

I posted a brief update in March, that I'd started a baby hat for a gift. Later, I shared the photo, as I actually finished it!

Some of my other posts throughout the year:

Photos from Mont Blanc, and knitting spies in wartime

Knitting in Canada

Starting a new baby blanket

Purchasing the wool

More photos from summertime travels, including Outlander-related sites

Finished blanket!

Why I didn't knit much: I went back to school, and I had a book published: Summer Fire release day post!

Somewhere in there I tried to pick up crochet again but I'm still stumped by the double crochet stitch. I need to watch more YouTube videos.

And now it's a new year. I don't really have any knitting or other craft goals for this year, except to not let them fall completely by the wayside. I need an excuse to knit something as a gift!

Quick update on my ROW80 goals: I'm doing well on entering the handwritten edits for The Handful of Time. Still need to get cracking on querying those other two stories before school starts.

Some winter photos!

Wintertime fondue!

I knit that hat a few years ago!

All the writing projects on the go...

Happy New Year!
What crafts are you working on?


That's a lot of projects.
Organizing photos is like dishes - it always needs to be done.
They weren't on your list, but school and book are both big accomplishments.
Erin Z. said…
Love the pics! Nice progress this week!
Congratulations on getting a book published! That's awesome! Your pictures are lovely :)

Jo-Ann at Inspiration Pie
Wendy Jane said…
Good work on all the projects! Staying busy!
I'd like to learn how to knit, especially because here in the Midwest we need to stay warm with hats and scarves. I've always been paranoid that I'm going to accidentally poke myself in the eye with the knitting needles, though. I'd like to try crafts projects though; I used to be interested in that kind of thing before I became obsessed with working almost 24/7.
Even if I didn't love so many other things about all your news (your photos and your edits and your progress knitting), I'd have to give a "Squee!" because you posted that link to Kate Davies' page and I got to see her post about the tree... OH! that tree!

Thank you, Deniz!
S.P. Bowers said…
I recently picked up a book on how to knit. I have also started crocheting again and am trying to learn how to spin. You know, in my free time. Good luck with everything on your plate!
Beth Camp said…
I also loved the photos as I'm far from winter snow (in Merida, Mexico for the next 7 weeks). I also appreciate that balance you keep between knitting (crafty) and writing (a book out this year, congrats). May the coming year be good to you in all ways. Now I'm going to check out your book!
sage said…
I never set resolutions for the year, but sets goals all the time. It appears you are busy even if you are not knitting as much. For me, I would never have the patience to knit, but I love wearing soft wool scarfs and hats that have been knitted by loving hands. Blessings in 2018!
LuAnn Braley said…
Congrats on the book! Wonderful news!

I learned to make Granny squares, crocheted, which I believe uses double (or is it triple, it's been a while) from watching a YouTube video!
So exciting about the new book! Congratulations! And all the best with all your projects. I love that knitted hat!
Nas said…
Congratulations on the book! Awesome news!
Hi Deniz - I'm mighty late here ... but you're always so busy ... love Emily's hat; congratulations on the new book and all the best for you all in 2018 - cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Very belated thank you to all of you!

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