New Books!

New books!

Some ideal summertime reads from among the books I've read in the past month:

Can't Stand the Rain, the latest in the Wishing for a Hero romantic suspense series, by Kait Nolan

"Delaney Newell knows what it means to be powerless. Against the family who wouldn’t support her. Against the man she loved who betrayed her. Against the gossips who won’t let her forget it. But after years of struggling, she’s finally getting her life together.
Sean Murphy has spent years fighting forest fires. The former hotshot turned forester knows the growth that can sprout from unfathomable destruction. That’s what he sees in Delaney—someone who got leveled by life but didn’t stop growing. He's spent the past several months watching the shy red-head blossom, and he really likes what he sees.
When Delaney is accused of a crime she didn’t commit, everyone is willing to believe the worst of her. Everyone except Sean. The woman he knows couldn’t possibly be behind the rash of fires that are keeping the volunteer fire department hopping. Someone is deliberately framing her. Will Delaney trust him enough to help her find the real culprit?"

The best part about this story is how Sean and Delaney support each other, no matter what happens. Loved seeing how well they fit together.

And in every Wishful story, I love seeing how the original wish in the fountain comes true, though not usually in the way the characters expect!

Each Wishful story can be read as a standalone, but it's also a treat to see characters from previous stories flitting in and out. Highly recommended!

Lost! The latest episode in the Survivor Diaries series (the third, after Overboard! and Avalanche!) by Terry Lynn Johnson

"An ancient myth about a statue leads eleven-year-old Carter and twelve-year-old Anna down a trail deep into the Costa Rican jungle. They get turned around, then chased by howler monkeys. Carter and Anna try to find their way back to the familiar path, but the tangle of vines and trees all look the same. They are . . . lost!"

These books are great for younger readers, anywhere from age 5 to 11, and over. They're fast-paced, include a strong character arc, and are packed with tips at the end for what to do if you're ever caught in a similar situations.

Read excerpts from the previous episodes, and take a survival quiz!, on the Survivor Diaries site.

Ca a commencé comme ça by Angéla Morelli

"Ça a commencé quand Flore a fait brûler sa confiture de groseilles. Ou alors, quand son père l’a appelée à l’aide, coincé entre les branches du vieux pommier. En fait, non, ça a vraiment commencé quand ses amis l’ont inscrite au concours de confitures. Oui, c’est à partir de ce moment-là que la vie de Flore a pris un tournant inattendu.

Car la jeune mère célibataire presque trentenaire doit faire face à un obstacle de choix : confectionner une confiture aux figues... sans figues. Mais si les précieux fruits ont déserté les étals des marchés du Sud-Ouest, on chuchote que Corto possède quelques arbres pour sa consommation personnelle ; Corto, le beau jardinier ténébreux que tous les habitants du village considèrent avec méfiance. Et pour cause : il est tatoué et dégage une aura de mystère et de danger.

Alors, oui, ça a commencé comme ça, avec un concours de confitures, une pénurie de figues et Corto."

A sweet, summertime romance set in Southern France!

What's on your summer reading list?


My summer reading list includes several used books that I bought during my trip to NYC, including Waiter's rant by Steve Dublanica, Dave Barry's Guide to Guys, and The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. I also just downloaded the novel My Oxford Year, by the actress Julia Whelan, partly because I admire her work as an actress and am curious about her writing, and partly because the book was on sale this weekend for only 1.99 on Kindle.
Deniz Bevan said…
Ooh, I'd like to read the Dave Barry book!
And I ordered My Oxford Year to read in time for author Catherine McKenzie's book club discussion on FB (One Book One Facebook) but for some reason the delivery is horribly delayed. We can talk about it when I finally receive it :-)

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