First Annual #AtoZChallenge Book Reviews, Tour, and Blog Hop! -- C. E. Flores

Welcome to the first Annual #AtoZChallenge Book Reviews, Tour, and Blog Hop!

Today's author is C.E. Flores!

A to Z Reasons Why La Yacata is the Place to Be in Any Disaster: A Prepper’s Guide to Mexico (2018, adult non-fiction, a diverse book)

A to Z Reasons Why La Yacata is the Best Place to be in Any Disaster discusses common natural and man-made crisis situations found in Mexico. Not only will you read about which disasters you may encounter while in Mexico, but you will learn strategies to both prepare and survive these SHTF incidents. Armed with this information you will be better able to determine if Mexico is your ultimate bug-out destination when things go bad in the United States.
Examines more than two dozen Teotwawki scenarios and effectively presents historical and contemporary information to best equip you for survival in Mexico!

Survivor: A person who survives, especially a person remaining alive
after an event in which others have died

Why did you take part in the A to Z Challenge the year that your book was given life?
Seemed like a fun thing to do!
[I agree, I love the A to Z Challenge!]

Why did you start blogging?
To share my adventures since moving to Mexico.

Do you have any other books coming out soon?
Yes, there are several in the works. Other books currently available are here.

Do you have a brief writing tip?
Do something interesting to write something interesting.

Where did the idea for this book come from, other than the alphabet and the A to Z Challenge?
Mexico is a hard country to live in. These are common disasters that a little preparation might be in order.

What writing goal do you hope to accomplish this year?
I have several books in the Surviving Mexico series to complete this year.

As a reader, what most motivates you to buy a new book to read?
Interest in the topic; relevancy to my life.

What research did you do for your book?
Most of the technical information like statistics and survival tips I found on government websites. Some information I found on websites devoted to prepping or survivalist topics. Each A to Z disaster topic also includes personal experiences about how our family has prepared (or not) for that type of catastrophe. All of my references are included, organized by chapter, in the appendix, if the reader wishes to learn more.

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I hope you've enjoyed this blog hop post!

I've got my own updates coming soon, for A Round of Words in 80 Days and others, as well as the 2018 year-end reviews of writing, knitting, and books read. I've just finished collaborating as part of another writers' houseparty on The Lit Forum, which was set on the Titanic! Details to come...

Today is also Insecure Writer's Support Group Day!
And today's question is very timely: Besides writing, what other creative outlets do you have?

I'm back at work this week after maternity leave, and I have way too many creative and other outlets! At school part-time, knitting (currently taking part in a Kate Davies Knitting Season group), reading, photographs and scrapbooks to sort, my library catalogue that is still not complete (buying more books does not help!), and more... There are cycles to these projects, some are on the wane, some are waxing. Above all else, I try to write at least every day, even when other projects are being moved to the back burner

What is the single most basic survival tip you have for living in Mexico or elsewhere?


C.E. Flores said…
Thanks so much for the feature!
CV Grehan said…
The prepper's guide reminded me of Sarah Connor in the first Terminator movie, Jeep, German Shepherd, heading into Mexico. "A storm is coming." My basic survival tip is to never run out of coffee.
Loved this interview (and what a cool set of book's CF Flores is creating!). I so hear you the multitude of creative activities... you are always posting and thinking and creating something (clearly! even while having a brand new little one to focus you mind some, you've been gathering resources for this post, getting involved in knitting, thinking about writing and marketing).

Glad to see you at the ROW80 this week, Deniz.
Nick Wilford said…
Fun interview! I didn't realise so many things could go wrong in Mexico. I've only visited very briefly (on my honeymoon cruise) and it's not put me off going back... at least I could have the survival guide now!
Hi Deniz - great to read C Flores' interview and idea for her books ... wonderfully creative. I hope getting back to work has settled down ... as life will now be very full - take care and all the best for life with the family - cheers Hilary
J Lenni Dorner said…
Thanks for being one of the bloggers in the First Annual #AtoZChallenge Book Reviews, Tour, and Blog Hop!
Deniz Bevan said…
Belated thanks, all!