On Vacation...Exploring the United Nations

Visits to the Palais des Nations!

I had a young assistant accompany me to work on three separate occasions. Here are some highlights:


Georgian wine jug


Where are you vacationing this year?


What a delightful guide, Deniz, very envious of your assistant and I'm sure she livened up your visit đŸŒč
Looks like you have quite the little adventurer there!
Hi Deniz - looks like it's an amazing experience for the littlie - she looks just delightful. Peacock - yes they amaze ... so pretty ... bet your colleagues were delighted to meet her - love the photos - cheers Hilary
Jeff said…
A delightful guide! Just got back from a week in the Appalachian Mountains, mostly riding bicycles on rails-to-trails. Spent a week in the first of May in the Okefenokee, and still have two more weeks...


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